Connected 2024: 4 Reasons to Participate and Elevate Your eLearning Journey

Staying up to date with the latest eLearning trends can be challenging, but Open LMS has you covered. Now, you can stay on top of insights and best practices while exchanging ideas with top-tier experts and connecting with a vibrant community of learning and technology partners. We’re talking about Connected 2024, the second edition of our annual conference tailored for eLearning enthusiasts who want to empower their learners and broaden their horizons. Don’t miss out on this incredible three-day conference, which takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 27th-29th, 2024. Here are four reasons why you should attend.

Reason #1: Get Practical and Valuable Insights Drawn From Hands-On Experience

Thanks to the active participation of a diverse community, including clients and specialists in various EdTech fields, we've identified four tracks to provide you with access to the latest insights and information in the field of learning:

  • Transformational Tech: A chance to explore trending topics such as AI, the use of VR in training, and H5P.
  • Learning Leadership: A platform to collaborate with fellow leaders, where we’ll be sharing challenges, successful strategies, and unexplored ideas.
  • Tracking & Analyzing: A deep dive into leveraging the potential of data to enhance the learning experience.
  • Expanding the Reach: An opportunity to discuss the mission of extending learning initiatives to broader communities.

These tracks will be explored through concurrent breakout sessions, practical activities, and in-depth workshops. We’re confident you will leave the event equipped with fresh perspectives and practical wisdom, ready to be immediately implemented in your own programs.

Regardless of the weather, this is the hottest ticket in town! Can’t wait for next year!

- Kevin Barhydt, Connected 2023 attendee

Reason #2: Engage in Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Take your conversations further. At Connected 2024, you can approach the speakers while grabbing a coffee, enjoying meals, or at evening cocktail events. There will be numerous opportunities to connect with these thought leaders, voice your thoughts and concerns, tell them about your programs, and even receive personalized advice.

What’s more, Connected 2024 will be brimming with a variety of social activities designed to facilitate connections within the industry. Remember that Open LMS is an integral part of the open-source Moodle™ community, boasting members spanning the globe, from smaller enterprises and corporate giants to schools and universities.

Reason #3: Immerse Yourself in the Open-Source Experience

One of the benefits of open source is the fact that enhancements benefit everyone—all creations become shared assets within the Moodle™ community. With so many like-minded people in attendance, potential collaborators and partners might just be sitting at an adjacent table.

Thanks to the shared technology, you can receive accurate guidance from experienced users, or if you've already begun a project and are facing a specific problem, there's a possibility of connecting with someone who has already overcome the same issue and can show you their solution.

The networking event was the best chance to be able to network and learn from Open LMS and others. I also really enjoyed Britt’s keynote session and Amy and Michael’s session.

- Jennifer Boal, Connected 2023 attendee

Reason #4: Get on the Fast Track!

Great educators think outside the box! Similarly, we’ve put the brakes on the idea of attending an event merely to passively listen, only to head straight back to the hotel afterwards.

Thus, day one takes place in a venue central to Charlotte: the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Attendees will be able to explore unique exhibits and delve into historic racing events while interacting with fellow participants. Days two and three will be hosted at the Charlotte Convention Center, conveniently located next to the hall.

This has been a really great opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and focus - being able to hike after a day of sessions and travelling. This was my first hiking experience and won’t be my last. I’ve enjoyed the sessions at Connected. Being able to increase my knowledge and my networking. Looking forward to 2024!

- Manny Mottelang, Connected 2023 attendee

Ready to Book Your Ticket?

Connected 2024 takes place from February 27th to 29th 2024 in Charlotte, North Carolina. To purchase your tickets, please visit this link. Follow the prompts to create an account, and once that's done, you can proceed with your ticket purchase.

We believe that Connected 2024 offers an invaluable opportunity for our community to grow and learn from each other—from acquiring actionable strategies to address prevalent eLearning challenges to expanding your network with high-quality connections. Join us in February 2024 to access the tools, insights, and inspiration essential to elevate your learning and training platform to unprecedented heights. We can’t wait to see you at Connected 2024!

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