Best practices: Videos and tips for grading Moodle™ quizzes

Quizzes are a great, easy way to assess students in any Moodle™ course. They are graded automatically (unless you are using essay questions) and can save teachers precious time. But other times, the Quiz activity will require your attention for grading. How? You may need to delete a quiz attempt, override a quiz score, regrade a question, extend a close date, and/or give certain users more time. So, for today’s post, I’m going to provide you with a series of tips for grading quizzes in different ways.

Deleting quiz attempts

Sometimes you might need to delete a quiz attempt for a student. For example, you want to allow a student to retake a quiz in order to improve their grade but you only have it set to allow for one attempt. The video below shows you how easy it is to delete an attempt.

Overriding quiz scores

Other times you may not want to delete a quiz attempt, but you want to change the score of one question in the quiz for a single student. Watch this video to learn how to change a student's score in a quiz by overriding the score of a quiz question.äóÂäóÂ

Regrading attempts

Perhaps you selected an incorrect distracter as the correct choice and a student brought the mistake to your attention, but half the class has already taken the quiz! In order to resolve the issue, you’ll need to update the question with the correct choice. Then, you’ll want to regrade the attempts so that student scores are recalculated. Regrading is as simple as selecting the attempts and then clicking the Regrade selected attempts button.

Overriding time restrictions, open/close dates, and attempts

In Moodle™ 2, you can override some of the quiz settings for specific students. This can be done by viewing the quiz and then going to Settings > Quiz administration > User overrides. This area allows you to select a user, add a password, and change the open and close dates, time limit, and/or number of attempts the student has for the quiz. This feature can be a time saver if students in your class have different needs for time restrictions. It allows you to have the same quiz with multiple settings, rather than creating multiple quizzes with different ones. Similarly, if you are using groups in your course then you can change the settings for various groups by going to Settings > Quiz administration > Group overrides.

To learn more about creating quizzes and quiz questions, take our Course Building Fundamentals online course.

Happy Moodling!

~Rebecca DeSantis



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