A Moodle™-Based Business LMS Platform for All Your Training Needs

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business, a large corporation, a not-for-profit, or a government organization, Open LMS Work is a learning management system that can be individually customized to meet your needs and the needs of every one of your learners. Our LMS software focuses on aligning learning requirements with business demands and outcomes. We’re here to support your journey, regardless of how complex your projects are.

Open LMS Work delivers great online learning experiences while helping organizations to achieve strategic goals and fulfil compliance requirements.

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Focused on Your Success

Open LMS Work has an experienced, global team that ensures your organization is able to deliver a great online training and learning experience. Here are some highlights:

  • Direct, 24/7 end-user support
    • 98% client satisfaction rating
    • 50-minute average reply time to support requests
  • A rock-solid learning platform built upon a partnership with AWS. We deliver unrivalled performance, scalability and exceptional value.
  • Access to the Open LMS Training Academy, offering a range of professional development, functional training, and teaching practices courses.
    • Discover the Open LMS Academy here

Flexibility That Meets Different Organizational Needs

Every organization has different needs and your LMS should be there to support, regardless of what those needs are. Whether you need multi-tenancy or simply segmented reporting Open LMS Work has a wide-range of options for you. With Open LMS Work you can:

  • Delegate user management to company divisions or your clients in a single instance of Open LMS Work using our multi-tenant feature
  • Present tenant members with unique and tailored brand experiences
  • Create different course catalogs for different tenants
  • Create unique dashboards for each tenant, or create multiple dashboards to support both learning and reporting
  • Build powerful reports that limit data to shared cohorts, shared courses, or shared profile field values
  • Rely on simple ecommerce options built into the catalog or opt into advanced alternatives available via our extensive partner network
  • Depend on full accessibility for all users with a platform that has been independently audited for accessibility compliance

Meet Your Compliance and Staff Development Needs

Your LMS should empower your users with effective and engaging learning experiences. Build content directly in your LMS using our native assessment tools, our built-in H5P interactive content creation, or bring your own content in via SCORM support. Open LMS also allows you to:

  • Manage in-person or synchronous live events using built-in registration and scheduling tools
  • Serve content via a free mobile app, granting offline access to courses, SCORM, event registration, and more.
    • Users can message their trainer or manager directly in the mobile app
    • Notifications can be pushed to the app—helping users keep their learning in mind and at their fingertips whenever and whether they need it
    • Branded mobile app options are also available
  • Track training progress across various departments and teams within your organization via robust reporting tools
  • Track learner progress in real-time and share updates with key stakeholders as needed
  • Build learning experiences that guide a user from one course to the next
  • Let learners choose their own learning paths, or automate training allocation using user attributes
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Invest Where It Matters Most

Whether you’re training internal staff, partners, or customers we have a cost effective option for you. We’re open source, so you pay no software licence fees. 100% of your investment goes toward service, support, and training—delivering the savings you need to invest in activities that directly impact your training and development outcomes.

PwC Malaysia

PwC Malaysia

Our onboarding started with the education team engaging us to understand our needs and they took the effort to customise the training so that it fits into the way we learn and integrating it with our design thought process. Open LMS provided a great instructor demonstrating a high level of knowledge of the LMS (Open LMS Work) and absolutely resources about things that they don't have an immediate answer to. We're new to the support system (Zendesk), the Open LMS education team has been submitting tickets on our behalf for as long as we can remember. The person who looked after us is also a very patient instructor who does not complain even though on numerous occasions, had to go through the same thing again and again.

Overall, it has been a great experience working with Open LMS team on this onboarding journey.

WONG Chun Wai, Digital Learning Lead

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