How Casper College Streamlines Student Learning Experiences With a Branded Mobile App Powered by Open LMS

Today’s college and university students expect to learn with top-tier technology integration. Casper College understands how important a seamless transition between computer and mobile learning is to students. They have implemented a branded mobile learning app, powered by Open LMS, that enhances the learning experience for both students and faculty alike.

Casper College was the first junior college established in Wyoming. Today there are approximately 5,000 students enrolled in courses. They come from all over the United States and 20 other countries to receive state-of-the-art academic and technical training. To cater to such a diverse student population, Casper is focused on providing an unparalleled digital learning experience.

We talked with Dave Siemens, Director of Casper College’s Digital Learning Center, and Camille Cockrell, Digital Learning Instructional Designer and Technologist, to learn how the institution uses its branded mobile app to enhance the educational experience for students and faculty.

The Switch to Open LMS

Before their partnership with Open LMS, Casper College had a robust Moodle™-based learning management system (LMS) through eThink Education. When Open LMS acquired eThink Education in December 2020, the college chose to remain as a client to see what Open LMS had to offer.

Although Open LMS is a larger organization, the transition was a smooth one. The staff at Casper College continued to work with the same people they’d built relationships with through eThink Education. Due to those existing strong bonds and the new, higher level of support provided by Open LMS, Casper College feels it is a valued member of the Open LMS family.

The move to Open LMS also extended the depth of service available when faced with a challenge. Support is there to troubleshoot and find solutions right away, and they work to accommodate Casper College’s faculty schedules.

The greatest enhancement that Casper College has experienced from the LMS switch is its implementation of a branded mobile app that streamlines eLearning for its students.

A Mobile Experience on Their Own Terms

Students from across Wyoming, the rest of the US, and all over the world register for courses at Casper College. They needed a mobile app that would give their diverse student body the same learning experience, regardless of whether learning happened on a phone, tablet, or computer.

The junior college wanted to deliver a consistent and clear learning experience for their students, so they needed to upgrade from their general mobile app. The app branding service from Open LMS provided the perfect solution.

According to Dave and Camille, the new app is much easier for students to locate and download from app stores and has alleviated some student frustration. No matter where or how they’re logging in, every user is getting the same Casper College eLearning experience.

Regarding the experience of creating the app, Dave says, “Open LMS really walked us through the entire process. They made sure we were able to successfully get our app on multiple app stores, which is something that none of us had prior experience with. They really taught us a lot along the way.”

Camille adds, “We were building from the ground up. The people at Open LMS are great to work with and are always willing to share their knowledge and creative ideas. They aren’t at all pushy and want to see us succeed.”

The branded mobile app allows Casper College students to access learning materials, contact their instructors, submit assignments, and complete any other tasks that they would on the college website. The response from students has been positive, and the college has seen increased participation from both students and faculty.

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Rebecca Potter
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Rebecca Potter

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