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Tired of inflexible, overpriced learning platforms? Discover a scalable open-source learning management system that adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

Enjoy 24/7 unmatched support from a dedicated team of experts, top-notch security, and a platform that grows with you, powered by AWS and Moodle™—all without costing the earth!


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open source LMS

Open-Source Technology

At Open LMS, one of the ways we support learning is via our commitment to open-source learning technology. The ability to deliver educational materials on a customized, branded platform is highly appealing to companies looking to teach or train students, employees, volunteers, or customers. Opening up a flexible opportunity for your organization to adapt your open-source LMS without vendor and commitment pressure.

AWS hosting

AWS Cloud Hosting

Open LMS clients are hosted on the world’s most robust hosting platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to guarantee security, uptime, and scalability for millions of organizations worldwide. Our experts are well-versed in hosting services so you can leave the heavy lifting to us, letting you focus on maximizing the learning experience for your users!

open lms's customer service

Industry-Leading Customer Service

We provide a thoughtful, human response to all support tickets. We have one of the largest support teams within an online learning space around the world, working with you 24/7. Open LMS also provides a robust online resources library within our community site, Open LMS Academy & Youtube channel.

industries we support

Industries We Serve

At Open LMS, we believe that every organization is a learning organization. Whether you are in a corporate space looking for compliance training or higher education looking to deliver a better, more secure platform for your learners. No matter your needs, Open LMS offers flexible solutions to help you achieve your ideal goal. See how we can help your business, organization or association succeed.

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  • Workplace Learning
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  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Training Companies
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  • Non-Profit

Open LMS Content Creation

lms content creation

An award-winning eLearning content design team

Open LMS Content Services will support you from start to finish, keeping you in control of your learning outcomes. Leverage professionally-designed and developed courses by our multi-award-winning team to fuel your learner journeys.

Open LMS Training

lms training

LMS & eLearning training and education services

A great LMS is the foundation of a strong and effective online teaching and learning environment. Education and training in site administration, platform tools and resources, course development, and teaching practices lead to a truly transformative learning experience for learners.

Winner of multiple prestigious industry awards

Financial Review The Educator 2021 / 5-Star Service Provider AwardsILP - Learning Provider of the Year 2021 (Finalist)ILP - Onboarding Solution of the Year 2021 (Winner)High Performer 2021 - FallHigh Performer Spring 2022High Performer Mid-Market Spring 2022Users Love UsHigh Performer Mid-Market 2022 Leader Summer 2022Service Provider Award 2022The EdTech Cool Tool AwardsLEARNX LIVE AWARDS 2023

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Frequently asked questions about learning management systems:

What is a learning management system?

A learning management system (also called an LMS) is a software application for organizations and institutions to manage, host, and track learning programs.

What does an LMS do?

An LMS is used to create, deliver, manage, and assess learning experiences in both educational and corporate environments. Organizations can create and store courses within the software, and the LMS automatically evaluates assessments and prepares data reports, saving institutions precious time and resources.

What are the two main types of learning management systems?

An open-source LMS allows anyone public access to the source file code directly to develop, study, and improve the system without restrictions. Organizations can scale as necessary, customize as required, and easily transfer content without being locked in with a vendor. A closed source LMS requires purchased licenses and authentication and is not accessible by the general public. It’s generally less flexible and more limited in its usage.

What are the features of an LMS?

The most important features of an LMS are: Content management and creation - Performance and progress tracking - Multi-device compatibility - Exceptional service and support

What are the benefits of an LMS?

An LMS makes it easy to create and deliver customizable, high-quality learning content to multiple users. It provides users with a consistent learning experience regardless of the device they’re using. An LMS also gives users the flexibility to engage in learning at their own pace—all while providing support services to ensure that learners can stay on track if something goes wrong. An LMS tracks user progress, performance, and other data points so you can ensure that your learners are meeting their goals. This allows instructors to quickly gauge which learners are in need of extra support, as well as who the top performers are in the organization. An LMS saves time and money. Organizations save resources by providing their users with courses they can take at their own convenience instead of attending in-person classes. Institutions save on instructor and material costs. Users save time by only participating in the learning segments that concern them.

Why is an LMS important for online learning?

An LMS lets users access their learning materials from anywhere, on any device. Users can consume learning experiences where and how they’re most comfortable, and that makes the experiences more meaningful for learners.

What sets Open LMS apart from other LMS providers?

Our Moodle™-based LMS is fully customizable and scalable to meet the needs of any sized institution or organization. Our products are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most robust web hosting platforms available. We have a global team of professionals that provide clients with industry-leading, 24/7 service, so users can spend more time enhancing learning experiences and less time dealing with technical issues. In addition to our LMS, we offer content creation, online exams, LMS training, LMS hosting and support, and LMS extensions that further enhance learning experiences for users.

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