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The largest Moodle provider in the world just got bigger

Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) acquired eCreators, Australia’s largest regional Moodle provider. The addition enhances Open LMS Moodle strategy to support organisations across all geographies with a variety of requirements.

Open LMS Benefits

Extended Open Source advantages

Open LMS provides vast features and functionality but is also extremely secure and provides high levels of performance.

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We are Your Open Source Partner

Open LMS is a Moodle-based SaaS solution with a worldwide presence.

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Seamlessly integrated

Open LMS offers more teaching and learning tools than other providers due to exclusive third-party partnerships and innovation in design.

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Over 1,400 clients and 4 million active users and a range of benefits, including:

  • SaaS Service Support

    24/7, high availability and expert consulting, 99.9% guaranteed availability and performance.

  • Learning Analytics

    IntelliBoard is a real-time learning analytics platform that provides 120+ reports to slice and dice your data the way you need to see it.

  • User experience

    Multiplatform, customizable, intuitive, and focused on users.

  • Accessibility and assisting technology

    We are committed to ensuring learning experiences with the highest standards for all people with different skills and physical limitations.

  • Training and support plans

    We have various training options to accommodate different learning styles.

  • Integrations with Blackboard solutions

    We provide greater teaching and learning experiences through Blackboard’s leading solutions.

  • Implementation packages

    Whether you’re a Moodle expert or new to e-learning, we’re here to make sure your site is exactly configured to meet your needs.

  • Support

    Global support and successful experience with educational institutions and companies.

Making open source easier than ever…

  • Our adoption is unmatched. Add our sleek, attractive interface and get the perfect solution.

  • Our design adapts to all mobile devices and platforms.

  • Increase interaction among users thanks to a clean, functional and easy-to-access interface.

  • Users focus on content and activities with a modular organization that eliminates excess clicks and optimizes workflows.

What our clients think

Open LMS provides flexibility that adapts to any curriculum along with many useful plugins to extend functionality, and that teachers can modify and customize it to fit their needs.

Tim Ponder & Dr. Jordan Tayce - The Center for Educational Technologies (CET) at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

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Vice President of Product & Services Management

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Director of Product Management

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Senior Manager of Software Engineering

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