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Higher Education

  • Drive interaction

    Implement an e-learning platform that drives interaction between teachers and students

  • Set objectives, obtain statistics

    Set objectives and obtain measurable statistics for your teaching and learning processes

  • Predictive analytics

    Identify at-risk students and use predictive analytics to take actions aimed at increasing the efficiency of our materials and activities.


  • Broaden your capabilities

    Broaden your teams’ work capabilities and support them in their online professional development.

  • Delivers solutions

    Delivers solutions for different organizational challenges such as onboarding, ongoing salesforce training, product awareness, etc.

  • Flexible training

    Flexible training schedules for employees to take lessons any time, anywhere, which reduces on-site training costs.

Making open source easier than ever…

  • Our adoption is unmatched. Add our sleek, attractive interface and get the perfect solution.

  • Our design adapts to all mobile devices and platforms.

  • Increase interaction among users thanks to a clean, functional and easy-to-access interface.

  • Users focus on content and activities with a modular organization that eliminates excess clicks and optimizes workflows.

What our clients think

The key benefits of having a hosted website via Open LMS are the level of support provided, the level of uptime, and the regularity of upgrades. Open LMS also fully tests new versions of Moodle™ prior to being released on production sites.

Peter Stone, Head of Learning Technology at UCEM, United Kingdom

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