How Caja Sullana Expanded Staff Training and Its Customer Base Through eLearning

Caja Sullana is a Peruvian financial institution that offers both traditional and fintech services. Its mission is to generate and consolidate a savings culture in the country. To do so, it needed a tool that could not only contribute to Peru’s economic development, but also to the professional growth of its consultants and enable proximity with customers across 14 regions and 77 locations nationwide.

The institution adopted Open LMS with the primary objective of reaching as many people as possible. By having an LMS in place and fully-trained staff, it found the opportunity to expand its customer base more effectively.

Elizabeth Mogollon Avalo, Head of the Human Development Management department at Caja Sullana, shares how the institution’s position has strengthened after adopting Open LMS. The migration and implementation was possible with the help of Seidor Perú, an authorized channel partner for Open LMS in the country.

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Online Training for 2,000 New Staff Members

Caja Sullana aims to contribute to the country’s economic and social development by generating jobs that improve people’s standard of living, health options, and education opportunities. To achieve this, it needed to embrace an online learning platform to expand its team and enable communication with customers across the region.

“I lead the Caja Sullana training center where many young people are trained and are eager to be a part of the organization. The Open LMS platform has been instrumental, as it has made it possible for us to deliver the online training experiences that our consultants have come to expect,” shared Mogollon.

With Open LMS, Caja Sullana has been able to train more than 2,000 staff members online. Its main advantage is that training can now take place from anywhere and has also facilitated communication with customers without having to be on site.

Implementing Open LMS has also helped the institution to navigate a new way of operating during the pandemic. “The platform has been perfect in responding to the needs brought about by the pandemic,” said Mogollon. Additionally, it has enabled the opportunity to learn about each staff member’s capabilities, help them advance professionally, and promptly respond to customers’ concerns.

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Facilitating Employee Training Through eLearning

One of Caja Sullana’s main obstacles was how to provide training to more staff members on site due to time and equipment restrictions to reach all locations. Open LMS removed these constraints through its eLearning capabilities.

“We no longer have a face-to-face training approach. Open LMS makes it possible to hold conferences and other activities such as leadership talks, all online,” said Mogollon. It also serves as a touchpoint to engage and motivate staff members, as part of its mission is to value human talent and motivate them through recognition.

In terms of optimizing the quality of online education, the online platform has also helped to improve the training provided, given the diversity of tools that Open LMS offers. “We have used surveys, forums, videos, and tests. We are also working on the social aspect by carrying out dynamic training.” Staff members hold video conferences and invite different departments across the organization to contribute through the platform.

Additionally, before having an online platform in place, staff members couldn’t arrive on time to physical locations due to remoteness. This is no longer a concern, with Open LMS adding time savings as another benefit obtained through its adoption.

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Transcending Physical Barriers and Keeping Instructors Motivated

Caja Sullana’s key pillars are to provide excellent customer service along with secure financial services. To attain this level of commitment, staff training is a vital component to the success of these initiatives, facilitated through online learning. eLearning has also been an essential component to keep its workforce motivated and offer ongoing training.

“Thanks to Open LMS, training our staff has gone smoothly. We feel that they are aligned with our objectives. We have seen our staff members meeting through Zoom to interact and study without having to go on site. They are happy with this tool,” said Mogollon.

In addition, gauging staff training was difficult before having the technology in place. “With our learning ecosystem, we have a more consistent record of metrics, which has led us to obtain internal recognition.”

In 2022, Caja Sullana hopes to expand its training program due to the positive results obtained with the platform. It is also keen on improving course quality to ensure instructors continue to be excited and motivated to teach online.

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