Lyceum of the Philippines University: Video Q&A With LPU’s eLearning Director on Technology & Choosing Open LMS

Lyceum of the Philippines University was an early adopter of online learning, offering blended learning modules via open-source technology since 2002. Since 2019, the university has fully adopted eLearning and has the vision of offering borderless learning going forward. It partners with Open LMS as its chosen eLearning provider.

In this video Q&A, Stephen Ladek, Open LMS’ principal of eLearning advocacy, interviews Devy Galang, Director at the Center for Technology-Enabled Education (eLearning) and associate professor at Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) in Manila, Philippines.

Galang manages the eLearning infrastructure at LPU. Her department is responsible for preparing eLearning course modules in partnership with other academic departments, ensuring full eLearning implementation at the university.

“There’s always opportunities for improvement [...] and I’m happy to say that Open LMS has done a great part in this journey.” – Devy Galang, Director at the Center for Technology-Enabled Education (eLearning)

In the short video interview, Galang shares:

  • LPU’s eLearning journey – Since 2002, the university has been teaching blended learning using LMS systems such as Moodle™ mainly for IT courses. In 2016, its then four campuses switched to Open LMS (formerly Blackboard Open LMS) and created a five-year eLearning roadmap, piloting blended learning across a selection of courses.
  • Challenges faced during the pandemic despite having eLearning best practices and technology in place, including assessment readiness to gauge full online learning implementation across the university.
  • Opportunities and learnings for improvement and preparing faculty in online course development.
  • Deciding factors on why LPU chose to fully adopt Open LMS after using other open-source learning management systems.
  • What the future holds for LPU in terms of eLearning technology and innovation.
  • And more!

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