Open LMS, an LTG Company, Announces Mount Carmel College-Baler as Its First Client in the Philippines

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (Aug. 28, 2020)—Open LMS, the world’s largest Moodle-based SaaS solution, is pleased to announce Mount Carmel College-Baler (MCCB) as its first client in the Philippines since Learning Technologies Group (LTG) acquired Open LMS. As a strategic partner for an extensive range of clients, LTG’s commitment of dedicated resources to Open LMS as a unique operation plays a pivotal role in encouraging organic and synergistic growth and achieving a strong foothold in the Moodle™ market.

As the oldest Catholic school in the province of Aurora, Philippines, MCCB is leading the transformation of higher education institutions in the Central Luzon region in the adoption of digital technologies. Through this new partnership, Open LMS offers MCCB an abundance of technological capabilities and an excellent track record of user adoption success for sustainable growth.

In June, the Department of Education (Philippines) announced that children will not attend school until a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. Consequently, many students may not have immediate access to education. By working with Open LMS, however, MCCB will be better able to give students access to schooling.

“We are taking a positive stance that through Open LMS, the Higher Education Department of Mount Carmel College-Baler will be able to live out its mission of providing a quality Catholic education,” said Heraldine Villamora, College Affairs Officer of Higher Education at MCCB.

Prior to COVID-19, teaching and learning at MCCB were traditionally residential. Nevertheless, the pandemic has required the institution to adapt and gradually shift to using online teaching modalities to ensure the delivery of services to its students. Thus, this school year will be a transition for MCCB as they are especially concerned with overcoming the challenges that go with online delivery—which can hinder teachers and students from producing their best work.

Furthermore, educators’ capabilities and experience in teaching within a digital environment can be limited, so having technology and processes that ensure both faculty and students succeed are critical. Open LMS helps educators overcome these challenges with quality "train the trainer" resources—a client engagement team model, customer support portal, and community support—that ensure administrators and teachers have plenty of options to find their footing.

“It was a pleasure to work with Mount Carmel College-Baler to deliver positive learning and teaching experience for their students during this period of uncertainty,” said Jodie Lutz, senior account executive APAC at Open LMS. “Open LMS is committed to working with institutions throughout the Philippines with the support of Microsmith and BEENET, and the Asia Pacific region, to ensure all students continue to receive an education.”

BEENET and its local channel partner, Microsmith, introduced MCCB to Open LMS and will safeguard the success of the MCCB and Open LMS partnership with local support.

“MCCB’s decision on Open LMS marks a new chapter of enhanced Moodle™ support for higher education institutes in the Philippines,” said Ronald Lee of BEENET. “Clients can benefit from Open LMS’s wealth and depth of Moodle™ capabilities for training, and learning organizations around the world.”

Lee continues, “Microsmith and BEENET are fully committed to the success of the Open LMS user community, extending the unmatched Moodle™ resources and knowledge from Open LMS and the greater Learning Technologies Group plc, to support educators in the Philippines.”

About Open LMS

Open LMS leverages open-source software to deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. As the largest commercial Moodle™ provider in the world, we help organizations and institutions deliver great learning experiences without complexities. Previously a Blackboard product, Open LMS was acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) in March 2020.

About Mount Carmel College-Baler

Mount Carmel College-Baler (MCCB) was founded in 1948 by the American Carmelites, who were invited by Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon, former First Lady of the Philippines, and wife of the late Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon, as a Catholic mission school in the town of Baler.

MCCB’s Research Center at the Higher Education Department (HED) has been the driving force behind professional learning decisions and community-based assessments. It provides a direct evaluation of student learning outcomes to enable MCCB to benchmark the performance of their students through relevant courses that will address the needs of the community.

MCCB opens its door to all without regard to their family circumstances, their race or ethnicity, or their gender. MCCB structures its operations, training, and higher education programs around inner-directed actions and guides institutional initiatives that embrace digital agility and reflects human values in the digital age.


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