Open-Source Code Drop: File Transfer and Menu Manager for Open LMS Work

As promised in our last code drop blog, Open LMS is continuing along our Open Roadmap Project with bi-weekly code drops available to all admins and L&D professionals to freely access, modify, and distribute. This week, we’re adding some helpful new plugins to the roster, which are freely available to the open source community and our valued Open LMS clients. Check them out!

Open LMS Work Filetransfer

Learnbook File Transfer
Learnbook File Transfer ConfigureConnections

Open LMS Work File Transfer is a local plugin to automate user upload, outgoing report and import any custom file in Moodle™. The best feature of this plugin is that you can have multiple instances and multiple connection setups.

This plugin will pull the CSV file from an SFTP location and upload that file in Moodle™ to automate user upload. You can send a configurable report on your site to an SFTP location or to an email address. It allows you to use any email, meaning emails outside the platform is also allowed. If there is a custom file required by any of the plugins in your Moodle™ instance, you can use the custom file import feature to import those files. Note that we don’t integrate with a third party.

Menu Management Learnbook
Menu Management Learnbook

You can now enable/disable this setting in Open LMS Work, as well as edit the menu item in the editor. You can find all of the code releases and product notes in the Open LMS Github repository here and below:

The development team at Open LMS has been working extremely hard to make plugins beneficial and impactful for all LMS admins. Join our community forum and stay tuned as we drop new code for all admins to use and enjoy. You can learn more about our bi-weekly code drops, as well as the rest of our product roadmap, by joining the “Open LMS Open Roadmap & Suggestion Forum” in the Open LMS Community.

For questions or to learn more about these latest plugins, feel free to contact us or check out the video below.

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