Protecting Your Content Investment: Switching to Open LMS Using K16 Scaffold

While an LMS is a critical investment for universities and schools, that investment is dwarfed by the investment in procuring and creating digital content to populate their courses. That investment can make it difficult to consider a move to an LMS that may be a better fit for your institution.

Let’s say your current proprietary LMS vendor is dropping support for your platform, or they’re likely to be bought or sold due to financial pressures. Those changes introduce risk to your institution – and one that often (rightfully) drives an LMS review process.

However, that review process is often compromised due to a long, difficult, and expensive course migration process. The disruption of migrating content and burdening faculty with the task of rebuilding their courses has stalled many an LMS migration – even if the move to open source products makes long-term sense for the organization.

This is where K16 Solutions can help.

K16 Solutions have built an incredible tool, called Scaffold, that migrates content seamlessly, and with near perfect fidelity to and from various LMS systems. This tool means your educational institution is free to choose the products that best fit their mission, learner preferences, and budgets. Your content is no longer trapped in a proprietary format, or hobbled by less than ideal open standard format transfers.

Your content, your choice of LMS platforms. Easy content migration, combined with a fully Open Source teaching and learning solution like Open LMS puts you in charge of your own future.

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Brad Koch
About the author

Brad Koch

VP of Industry Management and Partnerships

Brad boasts over 30 years in educational support. Starting as an Associate Publisher at Pearson, he crafted books and software in support of technical certifications. His journey continued into online learning with product leadership roles at ANGEL Learning, Blackboard, and Instructure Canvas. Currently spearheading Industry Management and Partner initiatives at Open LMS, Brad is a seasoned observer of online learning's swift evolution. Grateful for his front-row involvement, he collaborates with institutions dedicated to refining the online teaching and learning experience.

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