Best practices: How to videos for creating Moodle™ rubrics

The much anticipated Moodle™ Core 2.2 rubrics will be available to Open LMS customers with the upcoming Summer 2012 release of Joule. Rubrics are a great tool for evaluating performance in any classroom. With this new release educators can quickly create a Moodle™ rubric with specific “criterion” and associated “levels” for evaluation. As of right now rubrics are an advanced grading method for Assignment activities only.

In anticipation of this upcoming feature release I created three videos on Moodle™ rubrics to jump start your transition from paper to online rubrics. You’ll be able to create rubrics from scratch or by using a predefined template and you can grade within the rubric itself! In addition site administrators and those given permission can save the various rubrics as global/public templates for all users to reuse.

Moodle™ 2: Creating a rubric from scratch

Moodle™ 2: Creating a rubric from a template

Moodle™ 2: Grading with rubrics

These rubric videos are now available on our Learning Solutions: Training Videos on Moodle™ and Joule playlist on our Open LMS YouTube channel. If you subscribe to our channel you can opt to receive notifications when we release new videos. Videos include tutorials webinars and new feature releases.

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