Best practices: Making an impact with Moodle™ and Joule

Low Threshold Applications (LTAs) refer to the application of instructional technology that is reliable easy to learn and non-intimidating. Open LMS invites you to join us as we explore effective practices in online instruction in our free webinar series LTAs with Big Impact. These short webinars will introduce participants to ways in which Moodle™ can create a big impact in teaching and learning.

Well-designed groups can make a world of difference in the quality of the learning climate. Tips for Effective Design and Use of Groups will help participants honor the process of team learning by exploring strategies for making groups work.

If your in-class discussion feels more like a ghost town than a boomtown consider attending the Improving In-Class Discussion with Moodle™ Tools webinar to explore the application of Moodle™ in face-to-face instruction by focusing on the principles of priming integrating and reinforcing. Discussion forums are the place where some of the most important learning happens in the student-centered online class. Strategies for Effective Utilization of Forums presented at TCEA 2012 focuses on helping instructors find ways to support students in owning their learning experience. Part one of this series Balancing the Workload provides strategies for effective facilitation of online forums and shares tips on balancing the resulting increased interaction. Part two Designing Engaging Forums introduces common student struggles with online forums as well as design strategies to increase student engagement.

Join us. For more information on our free webinars or to register click here.

  • Tips for Effective Design and Use of Groups - Tuesday March 13th 11:30-12:00 EST
  • Improving In-Class Discussion with Moodle™ Tools - Wednesday March 28th 11:30-12:00 EST
  • Balancing the Workload – Strategies for Effective Utilization of Forums Part I: Wednesday April 11th 11:30-12:00 EST
  • Designing Engaging Forums - Strategies for Effective Utilization of Online Forums Part II: Wednesday April 25th 11:30-12:00 EST

Please note: These sessions do not examine the how-tos of using the identified tools. Instead they discuss pedagogical ideas for implementation. For instruction on how to use specific Moodle™ features we invite you to join us for one of our regularly-scheduled training webinars.




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