Celebrating the EdTech Community: Welcome to E-Learn Magazine

By Phill Miller

I’ve long admired companies that do a great job of celebrating their clients and users. Nike has always done a great job of celebrating professional athletes, and I remember growing up and associating Nike with Michael Jordan, which, we often forget, was an amazing innovation in marketing. But Nike really evolved that with their “Find Your Greatness” campaign in 2012. They started highlighting normal people, neighborhood athletes, and weekend warriors—and celebrating them.

So what does that have to do with online learning? Today, Open LMS is launching (technically re-launching) the E-Learn Magazine, which is about celebrating educators. We work in an industry where millions of teachers, trainers, professors, and lecturers work tirelessly to help our children thrive and our societies evolve. But no one is making commercials about them, and they don’t receive sponsorship dollars or see their name in lights.

In some small way, we want to change that. Not just to celebrate what academic technologists are doing because it’s great on its own, but because we believe that telling these stories will inspire others to do the same thing, and creating a community around eLearning will help everyone do it better.

So, that’s E-Learn. We’re telling stories about educational technology and its impact, and more specifically the people that are doing that with those technologies.

As this is an openness initiative for educators and trainers and by educators and trainers, we encourage you to contribute by getting in touch here.

We hope you enjoy it!

Phill Miller
About the author

Phill Miller

Phill is a long time EdTechNerd, and open source junkie. He’s the proud father of an 8 year old son and 6 year old triplets. He enjoys eating cold, half eaten chicken fingers after his kids have fallen asleep and reading British spy novels. Oh, and he’s also the Managing Director of Open LMS. He's been in EdTech for about 20 years, with roles at ANGEL Learning, Moodlerooms, Blackboard, and Oxygen Education. Phill is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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