Crowdsource Moodle™ development

We all love to vote right?

Whether we are picking a team captain choosing a vacation destination or (fiendishly) trying to outvote the American Idol candidate whom we dislike; voting is about creating destiny. Today Open LMS introduces a new way for schools to shape their futures through crowdsourced Moodle™ development.

You’ve seen the business model in places like Kickstarter. Someone has a great idea but can’t finance it entirely on their own. That’s where the crowd steps in. Anyone or everyone can contribute dollars towards a project and fast-track it towards completion.

What will we do with the code? First we will be happy to include it as a component of Joule our configured flavor of Moodle™ that Open LMS clients enjoy. Second we will be pleased to share the code with the Moodle™ community if that is what the voters want. We hope they do. We believe that informed communities make great decisions thus great products.

So do you have an idea for Moodle™ development? Would you submit the idea so that others of us can vote for it? Or maybe you would like to help fund one of the existing projects? Together we can. Let’s vote!

- Tom Murdock



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