eLearn Success Series Brings a New Dynamic to Online eLearning Conferences in 2022

February 2, 2022-Indianapolis, Indiana-Since the onset of the pandemic, many organizations have ventured into the world of online conferences, providing more access than ever to transformational information on a variety of learning and training topics. In 2022, two powerhouse eLearning-focused conference offerings have decided to combine forces into one year-long digital conference series, The eLearn Success Series.

“We are very excited to take the conference experience to the next level for the eLearning community,” said Phill Miller, Managing Director of Open LMS, which boughtLMS Pulse in 2021. “There is so much incredible information in the digital learning community, and our goal is to foster a space to share and explore a wide variety of eLearning strategies, technologies, and more at this series of conferences.”

The eLearn Success Series, from the teams at LMS Pulse, eLearn Magazine, and Open LMS, is a four-session series that culminates in the 2022 Innovation Summit, Open LMS’s flagship conference launched in 2021. The four sessions of the eLearn Success Series will cover…

  • The Design Session: This session is focused on how to design effective training, classes, and courses. Presenters will be talking about everything from software and assessments to project management.
  • The Instructor Session: This session is centered around being the best trainer, teacher, or instructor possible across education, corporate training, non-profit work, and more. This session will focus on delivering effective learning experiences in online and blended learning platforms.
  • The EdTech Session: This session will focus on the “tech” in EdTech, exploring inventive tools, analytics, and more.
  • The Innovation Session: The capstone event will not only tie together the lessons from the first three sessions but also provide killer presentations from the sector’s top thinkers about trends in the eLearning space and the future of education.

The eLearn Success Series is built for a global audience of eLearning professionals and enthusiasts to hear from industry leaders, network with other professionals, and learn from experts. Free tickets provide free access to each of the online events for 24 hours after the series goes live, but all-access passes provide unlimited access to all the online sessions.

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