Happy New Year from Open LMS !

From everyone here at Open LMS we hope you enjoyed the holidays and have a wonderful New Year!

The Open LMS team finished 2013 in the best way we knew how-- by releasing a new version of the Joule platform! The release launch went swimmingly and we look forward to our users getting their hands on all the new features and enhancements.

Barb Axmark from Olivet Nazarene University was particularly excited about the release so to prepare the rest of her faculty and staff she composed a poem to highlight some of the release's components. We thought it was a creative way to kick off the new year. Enjoy!

Open LMS ' December Release (in poem form)

Twas two days after Christmas when all through the school Not a feature was stirring except the new Joule. While we are all sleeping content in our beds A new Joule will be loading to get us ahead.

“So what does that mean? More changes?” I hear. “What more must I learn at this time of year?” “Not to worry” said Barb. “There’s nothing to fear. Your Help Desk will guide you through it with cheer!

Plan to sleep well throughout Monday night If you work between 10 and 5 things may not turn out right. Joule will be updating during that time. So plan your time now so you won’t be in a bind.

Mostly you’ll see added things that are new On all those long forums you can chose what to view! There’s now a setting for resubmitting assignments Quizzes auto-save reducing quiz torment!

Folders on the course page can now show the list Along with subfolders for clearing the mist. Drag and drop files of media and text To the course page with ease to showcase your best.

Forums now offer to display the word count For you to know if it’s the right amount. And posts can be printed or exported to a file To read off-line later – does that make you smile?

The biggest change that you need to know Is where to find activity reports to show. No longer will it be found in Navigation Now it’s in Settings (or Administration).

So until break is over and it’s time to return You can be comforted there’s little new to learn. And in the meantime there’s nothing to fear Hope you had a great holiday; we expect a great New Year!”

Happy New Year to all!

Brad Schleicher, Open LMS Marketing Manager



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