July Update: Users & Storage During COVID-19

Four months ago, we announced temporary policy changes designed to let you focus on helping your learners without worrying about usage limits. Since then COVID-19 has continued to present a critical challenge to teaching and learning in nearly every region.

We continue to believe it is our responsibility to assist in this situation and help minimize the educational impact of this disruption.

Open LMS SaaS

For our Open LMS SaaS clients, our temporary increased storage policy is now permanent. Effective August 1, we’re increasing your base storage allocation by 50%. Your new default storage allocation is 1.5GB for every 10 contracted users.

Open LMS SaaS clients can review their current contracted user and storage levels via the admin console:

  • From your Open LMS SaaS site, Select Site AdministrationClick Open LMS, and then Choose Active Enrolled Users.

Please note that your new default storage allocation will not appear in the system until the next release.

Open LMS Enterprise

If you are an Open LMS Enterprise client (primarily in Australia), where you have dedicated cloud allocation, the offer to double additional storage purchases also becomes permanent.

Simply work with your Account Representative to determine how much additional storage you may need to purchase and we will double that amount. For example, if you think you will need 6TB of storage, we will double that to 12TB for the same price.

Open LMS Enterprise clients can view their storage numbers:

  • View current storage View current storage by appending /report/coursesize/index.php to your site’s URL.

Active User Counts

We've not seen any significant increases in active users -- it seems that COVID-19 has impacted course content and the number of courses available online more than it has the number of learners enrolled at an institution. Thus we are returning to our normal active user count policy and ending the temporary 50% allowed increase in active users. You will continue to manage your active user counts as you have in the past, with a cleanup / review process during the annual renewal period.


Brad R Koch Vice President, Product Management

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