Open LMS Partners With Blindside Networks to Offer Users Open-Source Virtual Classroom Solution

Raleigh, N.C. (Oct. 26, 2023) – Open LMS, a leading global provider of open-source learning management systems (LMSs), today announced its partnership with Blindside Networks, the creators of BigBlueButton, a purpose-built virtual classroom software that focuses on learning outcomes. The partnership will enable Open LMS to offer BigBlueButton’s capabilities to the provider’s customers of all sizes.

The partnership is a natural step for Open LMS as the largest Moodle™provider in the world and BigBlueButton as the world’s only virtual classroom built-into the core of MoodleTM. Unlike video conferencing systems, which primarily do screen sharing, BigBlueButton provides built-in tools - such as visual assessment, multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, and shared notes – to enable instructors to have students focus on applied learning activities. During those activities, BigBlueButton gives instructors live analytics to show which students are struggling and may need support.

This partnership will create a unique solution for Open LMS customers by providing a deeply integrated, educational-first virtual classroom for K-12, higher education, and government institutions. Aligned with the values of Open LMS, BigBlueButton is both open source and customizable for the unique needs of each institution.

Open LMS has long been in the business of providing solutions to the challenges educators face when it comes to successfully delivering an effective and engaging experience for online learners. This partnership with Blindside Networks was a natural fit for our team as we share a common goal of providing targeted learning pathways for students of all levels and ages by expanding on tools we already offer to encourage participation and interactivity.

- Phill Miller, Managing Director of Open LMS

With BigBlueButton, Open LMS users can access meaningful tools for their virtual classes, such as a live Learning Analytics Dashboard for assessing students based on participation, Smart Slides that automatically detect poll questions and give instructors the ability to initiate a poll with a single mouse-click, and Activity Completion in Open LMS that automatically marks the virtual classroom activity as completed based on students participation and activities. Overall capabilities provide instructors with meaningful analytics to track progress and encourage critical thinking to help them gain a strong understanding of student needs.

Our mantra is the goal of the virtual classroom is not to meet, it is to learn. To foster learning, we designed BigBlueButton to provide a simple interface that makes it easy for instructors to engage students in applied learning activities, those activities generate live analytics, and those analytics guide the instructor to which students would benefit from feedback. BigBlueButton understands the goals of the instructor and student and it acts as a co-pilot to help them achieve those goals.  We’re proud to partner with Open LMS to serve as a resource to students and educators to ensure they have the necessary tools for success in the virtual classroom

- Fred Dixon, CEO of Blindside Networks.

BigBlueButton adapts to accommodate office hours, group collaboration, and full online classes. To support student engagement and collaboration in the classroom, BigBlueButton offers tools including screen sharing, breakout rooms, easy group polling, and more.To learn more about Open LMS and its products or to request a trial, visit

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About Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks are the creators of BigBlueButton, the world’s only open-source virtual classroom. Globally available, Blindside Networks provides premium hosting and services for BigBlueButton, which help teachers and students unlock the full potential of their virtual classes and measurably increase learning outcomes. To learn more about Blindside Networks, visit

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