Open LMS, Alongside Smart Osvita and Monash University, Wins Platinum at LearnX® Live for Best Pandemic/Emergency eLearning

Open LMS, a leading global provider of secure, open-source learning solutions, in partnership with Smart Osvita and Monash University, has been honored with one of the highest recognitions at the 2023 LearnX® Live Awards, a prestigious Australia-based awards ceremony that recognizes global achievers in HR and L&D across 90+ categories.

The project consortium was awarded the 'Platinum' accolade by LearnX® Live judges, celebrating its achievement in the Best Pandemic/Emergency eLearning category. In awarding the accolade, the judges were impressed with the joint educational initiative, designed to assist young learners in war-torn Ukraine in continuing their school education, which had been disrupted by the Russian invasion.

The initiative allows for regular online instruction from teachers around the globe every hour on the hour. Students can join online classes via Zoom on a wide range of subjects—covering everything from physics to yoga—to help them continue their education despite displacement or refugee status.

The collaborative effort began in 2022 and was initiated by Smart Osvita, a Ukrainian NGO that teamed up Classrooms Without Walls in Canada and with Monash University, the largest public university in Australia. After recognizing the need for a scalable online educational infrastructure, including protection against cyberattacks, the consortium invited Open LMS to join and contribute its open-source learning platform.

Said Open LMS’ Senior Director of Marketing, Aura Riviera, “This kind of recognition is earned through sustained teamwork and the genuine commitment of the various teams involved in this project. At Open LMS, we felt honored when Smart Osvita, Classrooms Without Walls and Monash University turned to us, and winning this award verifies that our collaboration was destined to yield substantial outcomes. We view this achievement as inspiration to propel us forward in our mission to be the world’s best and biggest provider of secure, open-source learning solutions.”

In addition to its original objective, the initiative expanded its impact to benefit over 120 Australian student educators. Faced with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions hindering their ability to meet required teaching hours, these aspiring educators discovered a valuable opportunity through participation in this project. By leading online courses for young Ukrainian learners, they were able to earn their student teaching hours on-site at Monash University.

Added Professor Mike Phillips, Director of the Monash Virtual School, “The partnership with Open LMS provides essential infrastructure for our volunteers to be able to deliver educational opportunities to students in Ukraine. While this is incredibly beneficial for young people in this conflict zone, it is also amazing for our volunteer teachers to be able to provide hope and opportunity, to be reminded about the importance of teaching and to gain valuable experience in delivering high-quality, engaging lessons online”.

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