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Dear friends and colleagues,

For all of us, the past three years have been quite a ride. The pandemic has shown us both the amazing potential and the pitfalls of delivering online education. Regardless of where you and your practice or institution stand today, there’s at least one thing we know definitively: hybrid is here to stay and has become a critical competency for anyone in education.

With humility, I have to admit this wild ride has been particularly exciting for myself and my colleagues, and is the real reason for my note today.

I couldn’t be more pleased that the humble passion project known as MoodleNews™ begun by Joe Thibault in 2009, which evolved to LMSPulse in 2018, is now embarking on an even greater arc as eLearn Magazine here at Open LMS.

I invite you to join us as we:

  • Provide click-by-click screencasts and explanations of the best EdTech out there in our “How To” section—especially as it relates to open source initiatives
  • Keep you up to date on the latest technology, integrations, and possibilities to incorporate into your practice in our EdTech section
  • Discuss and highlight the very best success stories and the challenges teams have overcome when delivering effective online learning in our Outcomes section
  • Monitor the movers, shakers, and innovators in our Marketplace section

¡Y para todos los que hablamos español, te invitamos a leer muchos artículos y posts en nuestra sección En Español!

But, of course, that’s not all. While reading our latest and greatest content is important, I’m also looking forward to welcoming your participation in:

  • Weekly episodes of The eLearn Podcast, where we feature experts from all corners of the education universe to talk about successes, challenges, and what’s next. You can watch each episode LIVE on Tuesday at 1pm ET, and ask questions or offer your perspective.
  • The eLearn Success Series—our periodic online event that offers unprecedented opportunities to interact with presentations from experts shaping the future of education.

It’s my sincere hope you’ll not only enjoy this expanded and growing coverage of the learning sector, but that you’ll also participate with your comments, feedback, and suggestions!

Please contact me anytime—I’d love to hear from you!



Stephen Ladek
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Stephen Ladek

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