Who's serving up a bunch of baloney?

Our recent advertisement in the EDUCAUSE Quarterly probably has you wondering... “Who’s serving up a bunch of baloney?”

Here’s the backstory... Late last year an LMS company that was fairly new to the scene published a comparison matrix measuring themselves against their competition (we were included). At first the comparison gave us a good chuckle... Why? Because the claims made within the comparison were simply not true. But rather than respond we had better things to do with our time: like concentrate on providing the best possible Moodle™ experiences for our customers.

But a few months ago customers started asking about this comparison matrix. Apparently they were noticing that "truthiness" had now entered the LMS marketsphere.

We love our customers and we value reality over rhetoric. So we created a little comparison matrix of our own to set the record straight. It’s in the same format as the original except the information about Open LMS is factually correct.

So go ahead.... Take a look and see how we stack up. We invite any of the other companies to create matrices of their own if they felt they were any way misrepresented.

Thanks for reading

~Brad Schleicher, Marketing Manager



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