Best practices: Spend less time grading with Joule Grader

A few weeks ago we launched our Joule Summer 2012 Release. Within that release we made a great new feature available called "Joule Grader." If you are an instructor you will fall in love this powerful new grading tool!

Accessing Joule Grader is simple! Just navigate to Settings > Course administration > Joule Grader. Take a look at some key features of Joule Grader:

  • View submissions inline and score the activity all on the same page. There is no need to download files when using the recommended formats.
  • Communicate with students in an open dialog by using the comments feature.
  • Post comments and view ones made by students all in the same interface.
  • Students can access Joule Grader to view graded assignments and comments from teachers.
  • Speed up the grading process by filtering for only activities that require grading.
  • Jump quickly to a specific assignment and/or student by using simple drop-down menus.
  • Enter grades for students one after the other without having to navigate to different pages. Just view the submission enter a grade and click the Save and Next button.
  • Grade activities using advanced grading methods including Moodle™ Rubrics and our Joule Checklist method.
  • Use advanced grading methods with Advanced Forums (Open LMS ’ enhanced Moodle™ forums) so that you can use Joule Grader to grade forums. When you grade this activity with Joule Grader all student interactions are filter on one page to ease grading.

Check out this video to view a demonstration of Joule Grader for grading assignments and advanced forums.

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