Cattle Egrets and White Rhinos: Open LMS and the larger Moodle™ community

Behold the mighty white rhino! And the cattle egret! What pages do they share in a story? They enjoy one of those relationships in nature usually called mutualism or symbiosis. We find the rhino grazing in the tundra and rivers humbly chewing its diet of leaves and grass. And that flash of white plumage on its back? Alas the loyal cattle egret.

Behold Moodle™! An open source project like a rhino can live without glamor. But it does have basic needs. It needs to stay healthy it needs independence it needs food for growth. And maybe it doesn’t want to answer a phone call from a client. This is where Open LMS comes in: we are the cattle egret. We ride on its back. We reach where it cannot. We are not the same animal. We help each other stay independent.

Actually Open LMS is one of the many egrets that helps Moodle™. We birds answer the phone call for help. We have the dexterity to help the rhino as well as to understand the needs of clients. We aren't as humble we are sometimes unnecessarily noisy. I understand that even the rhino has eyed us suspiciously from time to time. However our roles are inextricably linked. We keep the rhino healthy and the rhino helps keep us alive.

So we present this parable as a stark contrast to other LMS offerings in the wild. Others may pretend to share characteristics of both the rhino and the cattle egret; however we ask you to look carefully at their rhino. Does it exist or is it fiction? Is there a humble independent healthy non-carnivorous entity hidden somewhere in the grass? If something happened to your bird would you be alone?

We have Moodle™’s back. That’s who we are. Give us a call if you need some help too. Contact Us >

~Tom Murdock



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