New Open LMS financial help program for education institutions

COVID-19 has dramatically increased the need for institutions to deliver engaging, effective online teaching and learning programs. This reality resulted in an accelerated institutional transformation process that is challenged by budget constraints, gaps in capabilities for building scalable processes, and a lack of resources to produce quality content consistently across courses.

We believe we can help institutions successfully implement digital transformation programs by providing a phased budget relief on the platform and services that allow them to redirect short-term investment in capability-building and content production. We have designed this as a 3-year financial support program called Digital Transformation Program.

In practice, this looks as follows:

Option 1 – Focus on budget relief

Suited for institutions that may have a strong background in Moodle, content creation, or online learning. These institutions could be mostly worried about going entirely online without breaking the bank; the digital transformation plan offers phased budget relief that allows them to redirect resources to activities that directly improve online teaching and learning:

  • Year 1 – 50% discount for Open LMS
  • Year 2 – 30% discount for Open LMS
  • Year 3 – standard Open LMS price.

Option 2 – Additional savings and capability building

Designed for institutions that are new to online learning or who may need additional support and services to assist with their digital transformation. This option offers even greater budget relief by providing more discounts on the product component so that we can include additional services. These services improve adoption and establish best practices that will help you continually improve the learner experience and outcomes.

  • Year 1 – Preparation:
    • 60% discount for Open LMS
    • Brand Match
    • 3 sessions of Instructor training (up to 20 instructors)
    • Preferential access to Open LMS insider (monthly workshops)
  • Year 2 – Steer:
    • 40% discount for Open LMS
    • Strategic engagement consulting services (Diagnostic sessions)
    • Brand Match refresh service
    • Preferential access to Open LMS insider (monthly workshops)
  • Year 3 – Evolve:
    • Standard Open LMS price
    • Brand Match refresh service
    • Strategic engagement consulting services (Diagnostic sessions)

We are convinced that with the budget and cash flow relief that this program could provide, institutions could focus on other essential areas of their online learning initiative: building scalable processes, creating quality content experiences, driving differentiation, increasing academic effectiveness, etc.

We are excited about how this program could help the education community. If you want to find out more or see how your institution could apply, you can check out the Digital Transformation Program application page.

Pablo from the Open LMS team

Pablo Borbón
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Pablo Borbón

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