Introducing the Free Mobile App From Open LMS

By: Dean Saunders, Head of Product at Open LMS

Today, I am really excited to share with you our recently launched mobile app. It is available for both Apple and Android tablets and mobile devices, so you can learn on the go from your existing Open LMS site, and the fun part is that it is free.

A simple intuitive interface lets you access your content, your messages, and your due dates easily from your mobile device. With Open LMS mobile, you can:

  • Communicate with all of your learners in one place
  • Send Facebook-style messages and notifications
  • Record video, audio, and take pictures
  • Track your online classes

Best of all, it’s available now, and you can get it here, free from the App Store. Just sign in with your existing Learnbook or Open LMS account, and you’re good to go.

Scan me Mobile App Open LMS

So, if you’re an organization or institution that needs on-the-go access to a progressive, multi-device tool to access your learning, get in touch with us! We can have you up and running in no time.

Our free plan also has the following powerful features:

  1. Download unlimited content to your device. That’s right. The only limit is the capacity of your device. Download courses, assignments, and other resources to use offline.
  2. Notifications - Teachers, trainers, and managers can now send notifications to all of their learners, and anyone else on the system. Communication restrictions can also be put in place via your Open LMS. There’s no limit on the amount of notifications you can send!
  3. Never forget an assignment or deadline - See your grades and track those important courses and deadlines, with automatic reminders.
  4. Use the app in multiple languages - Our interface will automatically change the language to your set region, based on your learner preferences.

Watch this video and learn more.

Open LMs Mobile App

Go Premium

We’ll also be offering a new GO PREMIUM service which is great for organizations that want to:

  • Utilize their own brand and livery
  • Add their own exciting new features
  • Have their own app featured in the Apple and Android Stores

To learn more about this premium service, sign up here and one of our customer enablement team will be in touch! If you’re still not using our mobile app yet, I invite you to download it to enjoy Open LMS on the go. Try it now!

This is just the first step in our release. Over the coming months, you’ll be seeing some exciting new features to allow you to get the most out of Open LMS on the go.

Want to find out more? Stay tuned in our Community. We’ll be running a series of demos in multiple regions in a time zone near you, so come along and see what all the buzz is about!

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