Joule Classroom (Blackboard Collaborate) plugin

Online courses contain an array of asynchronous activities types such as Moodle™ Assignment Forum Quiz Database Glossary and much more. But when it comes to synchronous interactions there are much fewer options the most common of which is chat. A synchronous plugin that can be added to the Joule platform is Blackboard Collaborate also referred to as Joule Classroom.

Benefits of Joule Classroom

  • Deliver a live presentation of your course lecture: Upload a PowerPoint file to display directly in the Collaborate interface requiring the students to follow the presentation as you flesh out the content on the slide with further details. Do you have a file to share with participants as well? No problem. Moderators can easily share files within the Collaborate interface as well.
  • Direct students to a specific website: The Web Tour feature does not display what the instructor is doing. Instead it puts each student in their own driver’s seat. You could potentially use this to direct students to a site where you walk them through the process of logging in and taking a practice test or doing an individual activity for example while they still have you and other students there to ask questions of.
  • Create breakout groups for students to work on project: Using this feature students work in small groups within a synchronous environment allowing the instructor to freely check-in periodically to ensure the students stay on tasks to help answers questions and to guide students in their learning process.
  • Connect with students either one on one or in groups: Get more out of meeting with your students by incorporating video chat and interactive white board into your office hours.

These are just a few ideas on how to use Joule Classroom to add synchronous learning to your online course. Remember that it also has the capability to record all sessions so catching up for students who missed class is quick and easy. To find out more about how to get this plugin for your site speak with your sales representative or a Learning Solutions team member.

~Janelle Gieseke

Senior Corporate Trainer

Open LMS Inc.



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