Launch of the New Plugin Matrix!

After several months of work, we created a new plugin Matrix thinking about you!

In previous posts, we talked about transparency, and this is one of the tangible results that will allow you to know the different plugins that we have as part of our Codebase, the version installed, the plugin type, description, among others.

You will be able to search for plugins easier than ever before and see the pricing of the plugins that need an additional annual maintenance fee.

We are committed to improving your experience using Open LMS every day, please let us know your feedback about the new Matrix on the comments on this post or directly to our email:

We will happy to serve you, please help us to help you better!

This is the plugin Matrix link:

We recently added a post about the proposal of value of the Code review:–5ed2824fa48afc2bda89b880

Dagoberto, Luis and Germán.

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