Love the Way You Learn: Open LMS Is Expanding

By Phill Miller

It’s been almost exactly six months since we announced a new direction for Open LMS, and, while we’ve already done a lot, today marks the next major milestone in our journey, with the integration of eCreators, the largest independent Moodle™ provider in Australia, into Open LMS. We’ve been looking for the right partner to help us move to the next level, and, in eCreators, we believe we’ve found just that.

There are many reasons to love eCreators: its people, its products, its focus on caring for its customers... the list could go on. But I thought I would summarize it just by focusing on two things that eCreators says about themselves, which as we’ve gotten to know them, we’ve absolutely confirmed. The first is expressed in their name, eCreators. The team in Melbourne loves to build new things. They’ve taken Moodle™ and built some incredible plugins such as an interconnected content store and skills tracking, which they’ve packaged together to create Learnbook, an extremely robust and curated Moodle™. They have graphic and instructional designers who are building incredible content for some of the worlds biggest names like Electronic Arts and Nissan. And, of course, they’ve built a great company. The idea of having these innovative minds as part of this combined company means that we can drive innovation together.

The second phrase that eCreators uses to describe itself is “Love the way you learn,” which I think is just a simple, elegant expression of their passion for learning and education. To be honest, I wish I had come up with it first! What we’ve seen as we’ve gotten to know the eCreators team is that they’re just that: passionate. It’s a characteristic that we at Open LMS share, and one that helps us have an aligned vision of the future. Now that we’re a combined team, we’re going to adopt that slogan as well.

Over the next days and weeks, we’re going to be giving both Open LMS and eCreators customers the opportunities to interact with the new, combined team, and with each other as part of our community. It’s going to be fun! We truly want to help you love the way you learn!

Things just got exciting. The offerings our combined products have are what many of our customers have been looking for, and for existing Open LMS clients, you’re going to love our content services. I can’t wait to get our teams together and to stand in front of you and share the amazing things we’re working on.

We plan to integrate our teams, our products and our culture to deliver something special, empowering our learners to “Love the way they learn”. - Dean Saunders - Head of Product, Open LMS.

We’re looking forward to bringing our talent, our expert knowledge and our creative innovation to the rest of the world! It’s going to be really exciting. The next phase of our journey is here and to experience this with our teams, partners, and customers as we move forward is a quest we cannot wait to share.

Phill Miller
About the author

Phill Miller

Phill is a long time EdTechNerd, and open source junkie. He’s the proud father of an 8 year old son and 6 year old triplets. He enjoys eating cold, half eaten chicken fingers after his kids have fallen asleep and reading British spy novels. Oh, and he’s also the Managing Director of Open LMS. He's been in EdTech for about 20 years, with roles at ANGEL Learning, Moodlerooms, Blackboard, and Oxygen Education. Phill is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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