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As we continue our transition from Blackboard to Learning Technologies Group, we have recently moved our product help site.

Our previous help site was located at:

Our new help site going forward can be found here:

We have completed the initial migration, but we still have some work to do. Listed below are some anticipated questions and answers.

Is the site properly migrated?

Most of the content was migrated, including articles and images. Essential navigation for the documentation and search were also configured for English and Spanish.

What issues could you expect?

  • There are still some issues with internal article navigation. As links were hard-coded and referenced the old site, these were not migrated. For example, an article about quizzes will not suggest a secondary or similar article about adding questions. Both articles exist, however, you will need to utilize the search bar or category navigation to find them.
  • Document links (like pdfs) are broken because they too were URL-dependant and need to be updated manually. We are working on this but it will take some time to update each one.
  • Some articles may be missing. As this migration was executed with an automatic tool, some articles with format issues may have not migrated. We are working though this.

Will links to the old help site redirect to the new help site?

No. The old help site contains an explanation of the relocation of the help site and a link to the new help site; however, links to specific content in the old help site will not automatically redirect to the new help site. Automatic redirection was not possible because the full URL structure of help content changed with the relocation.

What can I do if an article is missing?

Please reach out to your support manager or put in a support ticket Chances are we still have that article. We will recreate it manually.

Thank you for being a valued client.

Open LMS Support Team

Pablo Borbón
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