The Availability by Release Code Drop

As part of the initiative to continually release new plugins to the community, Open LMS has recently open-sourced a new plugin called “Availability by release code”, a plugin that was part of the EDU product and that works with PLD. (It comes as default in EDU)

What is the Availability by Release Code?

By installing this plugin, admins and teachers will be able to add a new availability condition to activities and resources: “Release code access restriction”. Students will only be able to access the defined activity or resource by providing the specific Release code.

The “Release code access restriction” can be set to activities and resources within a course, and be unique to the element. Once set, the course item will not be available to students until they acquire the specific code.

release code 1
release code 2

This plugin is now available in the community in the Open LMS repository and will be available for WORK in the upcoming weeks. Check out the video below to learn more.

Course Size Report & Bulk Block Creator Updates

In our last code drop, we released the Course Size Report and Bulk Block Creator. These plugins are now available for EDU and have the following functionality:

1. Course Size Report

Periodically calculates the size of categories and courses, allowing admins to determine which courses are using up disk space.

release code 3

2. Bulk block creator

Tool to bulk add a block to all courses in a category.

release code 4
release code 6

Please be aware that these plugins need activation, so clients interested should create a support ticket in order to request them. The Course Size Report and the Bulk block creator are currently only to be enabled on EDU Sandbox sites since the production sites are not in 3.10 yet.

Watch our plugin release video and read more on these plugins here.

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