Best practices: Using the Drag-and-Drop Matching question type in a quiz activity

With the latest release of joule 2 instructors can now add the Drag-and-Drop Matching question type into a Quiz activity. This question type allows users to drag answer to a question. It is great for sorting information especially information that is visual in nature phased or process-oriented.

For example let’s say that the content you are teaching has four levels of information. You would like to evaluate each student’s knowledge by having him or her match each level to its title. To do this you display all steps on the left-hand side of the screen. The right-hand side of the screen would include the name of each level.

This question type is similar to Matching in that the user must match answers to questions; however with this question type users can drag the answer to the question rather than using a drop-down menu to select it.

The Drag-and-Drop Matching question type features:

  • Hints: You can display a hint after an incorrect attempt but only when the question behavior is set to “Interactive with multiple tries” or “Adaptive mode”.
  • Images: You can add images using the HTML editor into both questions and answers.

Watch the video below to learn how to create Drag-and-Drop Matching quiz question.

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