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Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit is the accessibility tool directly integrated into Open LMS. It provides analysis, remediation workflows, and bulk update actions superior to any other product.  Brickfield helps ensure your success by uniquely delivering  free ongoing faculty training.

Evaluate Content

Automatically evaluate your course content and assessments for accessibility issues and easily identify which activities have the most of them  to prioritize effort.


Automatically fix out of date HTML tags, and use bulk update tools to fix unclear or missing text for web links, image descriptions and video subtitles.

Accessible file formats

Provide your students with content in accessible formats including Audio, ePub and Electronic Braille.

Powerful Reporting

Gain a deep understanding of which accessibility errors are re-occuring in your content, and track improvements over time.

Performance support

In-app support provides teachers with just in time tips for creating better content.

Build an effective and inclusive teaching and learning platform by finding content that does not meet the guidelines, fixing the issues and future-proofing your Moodle™ course content with accessible files, editor and enhanced features.

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