Events & Webinars

Explore eLearning trends, best practices, and more with Open LMS on a live webinar, in an upcoming Open LMS Academy course, or at an upcoming conference.
  • The Hidden Costs of Proprietary Training: Scaling L&D with a Flexible Approach

    Learn how to scale your learning and development programs, engage employees with learning offerings, and maximize the ROI of your L&D opportunities.

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  • Open LMS for Higher Ed: Scaling Learning Initiatives for the Long Term

    It’s been an era of constant change, and building an engaging eLearning solution for the longer term has proven to be a heavy lift for many institutions globally. Regardless of the starting point, the need for improved approaches, new strategies, immediate scalability, and long-term seamless integrations couldn’t be more pressing in today’s current climate. Learning administrators need to be aware of the unique ways they could (and should!) be optimizing their LMS in order to engage learners and support their success.

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  • Standing the Test of Time: Engagement Tips for eLearning Longevity

    The 2021 LinkedIn Learning Report listed upskilling and reskilling as one of the top three areas of focus for L&D programs. While continuous professional development increasingly resonates with the modern workforce, engaging learners for the long term continues to pose a challenge among employers whose teams are likely already juggling a variety of priorities.

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  • eLearn Success Series Part 1 - The Design Session

    This session is dedicated to being the best trainer, teacher, or professor possible. Presentations and discussions will cover everything from how to deal with disruptors to sharpening your video presence to staying sane in the back and forth required by the blended future.

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