Everything Learning Professionals Need To Know about AI In Learning - Without Being Overwhelmed

Listen to AI experts cut through the noise to understand what is possible today, what’s envisioned for the future, and the challenges we’ll need to overcome along the way.


Your Complete Toolkit To Thrive In The Age of AI In Learning

Interested in presenting?

If you are:

  • Already using AI effectively for learning
  • Have a clear vision for how AI will affect the future of learning
  • Have insight about how we can address challenges (e.g. accessibility or ethics) related to AI in learning.

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A Comprehensive Guide To AI In Learning

The AI In Learning Summit was created to help you understand how AI is already changing education todayand what you need to do to be prepared for the future.

How has AI already impacted teaching and learning? Our speakers will detail how AI has already significantly impacted teaching and learning through personalization, on-demand assistance, automation of administrative tasks and platform access.

How might AI change education in the near (and not so near) future? Our experts will offer their vision for how AI is poised to continue transforming education in the near and not-so-near future with personalize tutoring, immersive virtual experiences, enhanced assessment and targeted interventions, and development of entirely new approaches to education.

What challenges exist for AI adoption in education? The adoption of AI in education is not without its challenges. Our speakers will address topics such as infrastructure & equipment, accessibility, ethics, training needs and evaluation of outcomes.

Reduce Complexity and Eliminate Overwhelm

Let’s face it: just wrapping your head around what’s happening with AI In Learning today is tough.

Most of us feel overwhelmed and confused about Ai In Learning. With rapidly advancing technology and an avalanche of information, it is challenging to keep up and understand how AI can be effectively integrated into the classroom. And, of course, there are concerns around the potential impact of AI on teacher roles and responsibilities, as well as ethical and privacy concerns around the use of student data and original content.

What if you could:

  • Understand the current state of AI In Learning today
  • Effectively use existing AI tools and technologies in your class
  • Feel prepared for the changes AI will bring in the near term
  • Have full confidence that you will not just survive, but thrive in an AI enabled learning system

… And participate in a supportive community of other professionals?

That’s exactly what this summit is designed to do!

A Summit For AI In Learning Success

Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Claim Your FREE TICKET To The Summit:

  • Tools of today: Learn about the latest AI-powered tools and platforms for education (and gain practical experience using them in your classroom).

    Discover how AI can be used to personalize learning experiences and provide targeted support for individual students (and learn strategies for effectively implementing these approaches.)

    Explore the potential of AI to transform traditional teaching methods and create new opportunities for student engagement and learning (and develop practical strategies for leveraging these opportunities in the classroom.)
  • The Future: Gain insights from experts in AI research and development about emerging technologies and their potential applications in education (and learn about cutting-edge research and development in this field.)

    Explore the potential of AI to revolutionize traditional teaching methods and create new opportunities for student engagement and learning (and gain inspiration and ideas for innovative approaches to teaching and learning.)

    Discover new ways to leverage AI technology to enhance student outcomes, including personalized learning, intelligent tutoring systems, and virtual learning environments (and explore strategies for effectively implementing these approaches in the classroom.)
  • The Challenges: Gain insights from experts in AI ethics and policy about the potential risks and ethical considerations related to the use of AI in education (and learn about strategies for ensuring that AI is implemented in a responsible and ethical manner.)

    Explore the potential impact of AI on traditional teacher roles and responsibilities (and learn about strategies for effectively integrating AI into the curriculum while maintaining a student-centered approach to teaching and learning).

    Discover strategies for addressing equity and accessibility concerns related to AI adoption in education, (including ensuring that all students have equal access to technology and that AI-powered tools and platforms do not perpetuate or exacerbate existing disparities.)

Why Is This Summit Special?

Action Packed Seminars and Workshops with Top Experts on AI In Learning

There is so much news and information about AI today… it is essentially impossible for anyone to keep up. Moreover, understanding what’s working today and the tools available is incredibly daunting. But, we’ve done the hard work for you – putting everything you need to know in one place about AI and education.

Don’t waste your valuable time, energy, or money – learn directly from people who are already implementing AI In Learning successfully. We’ve brought them all together in one place.

Live Access to Today’s Latest Tech

Gain access to the most current, up-to-date AI tools and leading specialists, who will actually explain how and why and when to use AI tools in the classroom for their fullest potential.

Access to Special Deals

We’ve created massive value in this summit – beyond the speakers and presentations. We’re offering you private access to a Community, incredible deals on AI tools and resources that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, because we’ve scored them directly from the source just for you.

Participate In Real Time

You can attend the summit from anywhere in the world and still participate from your computer, iPad, or smart device in real time!

The conference platform will provide access to all of the speakers, workshops, real time chat / participation and much, much more!

Your Ticket is FREE

Although most conferences cost thousands, we are gifting you a Free Ticket because we want to spread this information about AI in Education to make it easier and more effective for students everywhere.

What does FREE mean? Simple. Each summit presentation will stream FREE for 24 hours, and anyone can attend. If you want to watch the sessions after the event has ended and get access to special deals, we also offer an All-Access Pass.

Who Attends The eLearn Success Series?

  • Educators: Who want to create a more effective learning experience for their students
  • Administrators: That want to improve educational outcomes, satisfaction and retention overall
  • Course Developers/Creators: Who want to maximize results and craft the most effective learning experience possible for both students and teachers
  • HR Professionals & Corporate Trainers: Who want to optimally facilitate the ongoing learning process company-wide
  • Leadership & Administrators: Who want to ensure their institutions and business are not only current, but prepared for the future of learning