EdTech Chats with Open LMS Academy

First episode on February 8th at 12pm ET

With over 35 years of combined education technology experience, Amy and Michael have seen all things good and bad in the world of learning technology. They’ve dedicated their careers to making online learning more impactful, accessible, and entertaining. Drawing from their past positions working for universities and technology companies, Amy and Michael now spend their days training LMS administrators, instructors, and trainers in the Open LMS Academy on how to make their technology work for them and create more effective learning environments.

Tune in monthly to hear about the topics that are top of mind in the EdTech industry, like accessibility and engagement, and enjoy free-wheeling conversations between the hosts and special guests.

How do you tune in?

You can join us live on LinkedIn or Youtube! Be sure to check out our Open LMS LinkedIn events to save the date for upcoming sessions and to get reminders through LinkedIn!