Global Accessibility Day 2022 by Open LMS

Open LMS is honored to host a community Global Accessibility Day celebration for the second year in a row! Join our team on Thursday, 19 May, for one of three sessions to deep-dive into accessibility. We’ll take you through a live exploration of why accessibility matters, how to make accessibility a standard practice in your eLearning environment, and why focusing on accessibility benefits all learners.

Accessibility has become a hot-button topic across eLearning, and rightfully so. Focusing on building accessible learning environments not only benefits those looking for more accessible technologies, but it adds value for all learners. Our team will walk you through actionable steps to bring accessibility to the forefront of your eLearning.

Session 1: Thursday, May 19th at 12pm AEST


Amy Tessitore is a long-time Moodler and Open LMS’s Senior Manager of Product Adoption and Education. In her role, she tackles a wide range of support inquiries, leads the Open LMS Academy, provides client training, and more. She enjoys working with clients to help them benefit from all of the features MoodleTM- based products have to offer. Prior to joining the team, she spent nearly a decade in the academic world, working in both K12 and Higher Education. During her six years in Higher Ed, she focused on leveraging MoodleTM to create innovative face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. Amy’s success in doing so was instrumental in the school's increased retention rate and successful transition to a fully online model in response to COVID-19. Amy holds a Master of Education in Instructional Design and is currently a doctoral student researching equity and bias in predictive learning analytics models.

Session 2: Thursday, May 19th at 12pm EST


Michael Vaughn has been helping clients develop and apply instructional technology skills for nearly 15 years, including as an LMS trainer or administrator at public, private, and community college schools. When he’s not looking after Open LMS customers, Michael also presents on effective uses of technology, and serves on the Advisory Board for the REALISE Grant (REALising Inclusive Science Excellence in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) at Radford University.

Session 3: Thursday, May 19th at 2pm EST
(en Español)


Jorge Vela is a Business Architect at Open LMS and his work focuses on diagramming and aligning a holistic commercial strategy, including aligning vision and strategies with the services offered. In addition to his current position, Jorge has 21 years of experience as a Systems Engineer and 10 years of experience as an eLearning consultant. He has an affinity for public speaking, teamwork, and aligning strategies and services to find effective solutions.