Global Accessibility Day 2023

Join Us to Celebrate Inclusive Learning Solutions on Global Accessibility Day!

This year, on Thursday May 18th, we’re exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the accessibility landscape and what you should have your eye on to continue to provide accessible learning experiences in our ever-changing world.

Four time zones, two languages

We have not only one, but four events! Whether you’re in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia, or anywhere in-between, we have a session for you. Select the button with your preferred session time below to register for Global Accessibility Day.

Join our team live to explore one of the most important topics in education: Accessibility.

Accessibility is a far bigger topic than simply complying with rules and regulations to serve diverse learners. It’s about embracing a multi-faceted approach to learning that benefits all learners by ensuring the needs of certain learners are met.

So where does AI come into the conversation? Let’s face it, AI is one of the hottest topics in the eLearning space and while it has many people nervous about cutting corners and plagiarism, it’s also a tool that presents a wealth of new resources for creating accessible learning solutions. Our team will explore how AI is contributing to accessible learning and what you should keep your eye on moving forward.