How AI Will Continue to Transform Learning


One year ago, the public release of ChatGPT took the education sector by storm and it’s clear that the disruptions we’ve witnessed in classrooms and training departments across the world are only just the beginning.

Join us live as our expert panelists explore how artificial intelligence is set to shape the future of learning. From looking back at the seismic shifts over the past year to gazing into what lies ahead, get an understanding of where we’re headed for learning design, delivery, and outcomes.


  • A brief reflection on the year of Generative AI: Marking the 1-year anniversary of ChatGPT's release, we'll explore the impact and the evolution Generative AI has triggered in the learning landscape.

  • Forecasting the future: Learn what to anticipate in the realms of learning design, delivery, and technology over the next 12 months.
  • Challenges ahead: Our experts will shed light on the most significant challenges yet to be tackled in this AI-driven learning age.


Matt Donovan:

A self-described “slayer” of shiny objects, recovering instructional designer, advocate for the learner, and warrior for ruthless relevance, Matt is the Chief Learning and Innovation Officer for GP Strategies. His mission is to accelerate GP Strategies' ability to identify, refine, and validate innovative products and services, while ensuring that the global workforce is ready to deliver that value for its customers.

Page Chen:

Page is the CEO and Founder of Two Tree Solutions, a digital learning and enablement strategy consulting firm. As a versatile leader with 20+ years of experience designing solutions that drive growth and development in distributed and global organizations, Page has led innovation and operations for various SaaS learning software companies. She serves on the board for a variety of other organizations looking to unlock the potential of technology to improve lives through learning.

Recognized for a proactive approach to identifying customer needs and enabling their success, Page has spent two decades researching the intersection where strategy and technology come together to allow for the design of impactful digital learning and enablement experiences that scale. Whether as an author, speaker, mentor, or even just an innovation researcher, she excels at helping organizations identify their core requirements and achieve solutions that exceed their desired results.

Bodo Hoenen:

Bodo Hoenen is the founder of Dev4X, and a cofounder of NOLEJ, a generative AI for education. He is a collective intelligence scientist and serial entrepreneur whose previous startup’s include an LMS that he sold to Google. Since then, he’s been developing a Super Collective Intelligence, an AI-Human collaboration engine to rapidly accelerate the rate at which we can learn and innovate.

Sophie Thompson:

Sophie is the Co-founder and CEO of VirtualSpeech, an award-winning platform that helps people improve their communication skills through active learning online and in virtual reality. Sophie started VirtualSpeech in 2015 as a way to overcome her fear of public speaking using VR. Since then, VirtualSpeech has expanded to a catalogue of e-learning courses with VR and most recently integrated GenerativeAI to personalise learning and roleplay scenarios.

Stephen Ladek, Our Moderator:

Stephen has been a go-to provider of news, information, and resources about online learning since 2015. He’s also a recognized podcast and virtual event host, and since 2013 he has published more than 500 interviews and presentations. Today, as the Principal of eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS, Stephen, is the host of the AI In Learning Summit, the eLearn Success series (‘20, ‘21, ‘22), and the weekly eLearn Podcast. He also writes for and is the curator of Open LMS’s online community. Stephen also practices what he preaches as an Adjunct Instructor at The American University in Washington, D.C.



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 How AI Will Continue to Transform Learning