The Next Generation of International Student Recruitment: Online Learning

Live webinar on Wednesday, December 7 at 1pm EDT

International students are large drivers of revenue at US universities. Even with decreases in international student enrollment due to the pandemic, international students made up 4.6% of the population at US higher education institutions in the 2020-2021 academic year. At public universities in 2015 alone, international students provided 28% of revenue—a staggering $9 billion USD.

While it’s clear international students mean big money for many universities, there are huge cultural benefits to their participation. Campuses benefit from a diversity of experience, knowledge, and opinion, and international students drive deeper international connections. In a post-pandemic world that has seen significant growth in digital learning opportunities, there are even more ways for US institutions to connect with international students. During this conversation-style session, we'll explore the evolving relationship between US universities and international students and consider how eLearning technology can drive new opportunities and connections.

This session will be led by Michael Feldstein, Chief Accountability Officer at e-Literate. He will be joined by a number of specialists in higher education, international student recruitment, and eLearning technologies. By joining live, you can interact with our presenters via chat to join the conversation yourself!