The Hidden Costs of Proprietary Training: Scaling L&D with a Flexible Approach

Learn how to scale your learning and development programs, engage employees with learning offerings, and maximize the ROI of your L&D opportunities.

Generally, the role of a learning and development professional requires sufficient knowledge and expertise on two important elements: the resources your team needs for sufficient training and support and the technologies or preferred methods in which you deliver them. Most EdTech components are incorporated when budgets or bandwidth allow it, and while it might seem like the most efficient approach is to find a proprietary platform that can check most of your boxes, there truly is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Often, out-of-the-box solutions lock you into certain functionality, integration capabilities, and support, hindering the potential growth, value, and impact of your eLearning investment. Join Open LMS to discuss the hidden costs of quick-fix L&D solutions and why you should strategize for the longer term. Explore how to scale your training programs, engage learners for the long term, and maximize the return of your L&D investment with a highly flexible and interoperable eLearning approach.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Evaluate the current landscape of workplace learning and the integral role its longevity continues to play in retention and sustainable growth
  • Discuss the challenges of proprietary solutions, particularly when it comes to interoperability, scalability, and additional potential costs or drawbacks associated with system management and workplace learning operations
  • Learn alternative strategies for virtual L&D and how to work toward interoperability throughout your systems for streamlined, organized, and scalable programs
  • Discover innovative online training strategies and various solutions that can help you achieve your eLearning goals


Dean Saunders
VP of Product Development
Open LMS

A founder of eCreators and Vice President of Product Development at Open LMS, Dean is regarded as one of the leaders in the EdTech space. With over 20 years experience in an eLearning industry, he wants to create a difference through the belief that learning should be creative, innovative and most importantly, enjoyable.