Blackboard SafeAssign

Emphasizing academic integrity through plagiarism prevention
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Plagiarism has always existed, but the availability of information and technology has made this practice much easier – and more traceable. With so many resources available at the click of a button, there is an increased emphasis on original thought and educational integrity in today’s classroom. As a way to help tackle this challenge and provide instructors and students with another tool to use on the journey toward graduation, we are proud to introduce Blackboard SafeAssign for Open LMS and Moodle™.

Blackboard SafeAssign compares submitted assignments against a set of academic papers to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works. The Originality report provided by Blackboard SafeAssign provides detailed information about the matches found between a student’s submitted paper and existing sources. Both instructors and students can use the report to review assignment submissions for originality and create opportunities to identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase.

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Robust Content Sources

User submissions are compared with content from other students at their own school, from other schools, from academic and business journals, and from the broader Internet.

inline match comparison

Inline Match Comparison

Text matches are easily compared to the source content directly within the interface, and teachers can omit sources temporarily or permanently with ease.

student transparency

Student Transparency

Teachers can choose to allow students to see the results of Originality Reports, providing learning opportunities for understanding how to write and express themselves.

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