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K16 Solutions

Create Secure and Effective Assessments through Online Proctoring
K16 Solutions

Migrate Course Content

Provide a fully integrated migration service that allows you to move online content from one LMS to another in real time, capturing details such as course structure, quizzes, tests, and even question pools. Scaffold replaces what used to be a manual, resource-intensive process with sophisticated but simple automation.

We help schools that use Blackboard, Brightspace, Sakai, and Canvas make the move to Open LMS. Through our partnership with K16 Solutions, Open LMS is able to make the LMS migration and onboarding process for new clients more seamless, eliminating some of the complexities that universities face when moving between LMS providers. Rather than starting from scratch or being faced with expensive course migration options, Open LMS and K16 Solutions provide an affordable and streamlined solution for migrating new clients to Open LMS’s product portfolio, including Open LMS EDU, Open LMS WORK, and Totara Learn.

Archive Student Data

Course archiving on a legacy LMS platform is vastly overpriced. Cold storage of historical content is time-consuming and inefficient. With K16 Solutions, administrators can archive course content & student data on the Scaffold platform at a fraction of the price and access that data quickly and easily at any time. Institutions can finally retire their legacy LMS.