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Level up your online learning platform with Class


Open LMS and Class to Offer You the Best Online Learning Experience!

​​Open LMS and Class have partnered to provide the best of synchronous and asynchronous learning to maximize the learning experience and student engagement.

Our integrated solutions aim to help K-12, Higher Ed and the workplace, deliver memorable remote and hybrid learning experiences. By partnering together, the Open LMS and Class solutions now enable learners, instructors, teachers, and students to access the benefits of each other's tools through a simple and seamless integration.

Why Together

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When Open LMS and Class decided to join efforts, they knew that they needed to bring an integrated solution to respond to today's teaching and learning needs. Institutions and organizations are moving to remote and hybrid learning, an approach to education that combines online educational material and opportunities for interaction online. Both solutions will provide the tools you need to deliver the best learning experience in a new and holistic way, solving for the new world of remote and hybrid learning.

With this partnership we also aim to simplify the technology purchasing journey. We understand how complex the decision making process is when acquiring new technology. There are so many great solutions that offer tools for all your learning needs. You wish those solutions could be integrated offering a smoother product adoption experience. Now, if you are a current Open LMS customer or if you are exploring becoming one, Open LMS is seamlessly integrated with a synchronous learning solution, Class.

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Both Open LMS and Class are SaaS solutions that will take your mind off infrastructure and technical related issues and allow you to focus on creating relevant content that transform the learning experience.

Level up your online learning platform with Class


Does your virtual instructor-led training initiatives need a boost? With more engagement and content tools all in one platform employees and instructors alike see better development outcomes when using Class. With advanced features, tabs, and resources, you can expand your virtual learning experience and connect with your employees like never before.

With Class you are able to:

  • Talk one-on-one about your virtual training initiatives
  • Enhanced breakout rooms, proctor view, instructor tools on iOS and Android, Class for web, and more.
  • Control your course like never before with pre-loaded, dynamic content, customization, and much more.

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