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A great LMS is the foundation of a strong and effective online teaching and learning environment.

Education and training in site administration, platform tools and resources, course development, and teaching practices leads to a truly transformative learning experience for learners. As experts in LMS solutions and eLearning pedagogy and andragogy, the Engagement & Education team at Open LMS offers a host of courses through Open LMS Academy to support Open LMS clients and the wider eLearning community in reaching their goals.

Our courses provide you the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with eLearning experts as well as other professionals who are working towards similar goals.


Build a Better Course

Imagine you're building a new home. You've carefully selected a builder, reviewed various styles of houses, scrutinized floor-plans, picked out cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, and lighting. Now it's time to break ground. You stop over to check on progress and you watch as things come together. With all that you have invested you dream of a solid, beautiful final product. The details will matter. You want a strong foundation, sturdy walls, electric and plumbing that adhere to code, and a stylish interior design. Once all those pieces come together you will be one happy home buyer!


H5P Creator Course

Are you ready to give your courses a boost with interactive content? Well then, this is the course for you! Throughout this five-week course, we will walk learners step-by-step through the process of creating a variety of H5P interactive content, completion settings, grading, and using the content bank to your advantage (content bank is new in Moodle™ 3.9). Each topic includes text, image and video tutorials and is supplemented by a live weekly webinar.

Please note courses are currently being held at a historic eThink Education URL while we rebrand our Open LMS academy.

What Kind of Courses Does Open LMS Academy Offer?

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LMS Training

Are you looking to dive deeper into how to properly manage your LMS, like keeping your data and users organized? Our LMS administrator and instructor courses will help you understand how to get the most out of your LMS.

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eLearning Tools

Which tools can you use to maximize the eLearning experience for your learners? Join our team to explore innovative tools that can be used to enhance your courses.

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Strategy & Pedagogy

Whether exploring online teaching strategies or how to deliver effective hybrid learning courses, our eLearning experts can teach you how to use proven techniques to drive success.

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Whether you are a teacher, trainer, LMS administrator, or course creator, the Open LMS Academy has a course for you!