A Moodle™-based LMS platform designed for learners, empowering administrators


Customizable LMS Branding

olms edu UI
olms UI

Create a learning platform that’s truly yours.

Open LMS EDU supports a variety of custom branding options, allowing you to incorporate specific colors, logos, block positions, and other elements. With customizations optimized with HTML5 to be responsive in a mobile format, learning becomes accessible to users on the go while providing a consistent user experience no matter the device.

Easy-to-Navigate User Interface

open lms edu ui
olms edu UI

Make it easy for your students to find the information they need.

Open LMS EDU uses themes designed to increase learner engagement and make for a great user experience. Designed with learning in mind, the Snap theme presents courses in a modern and intuitive layout. With Snap’s clear workflows and customizable dashboards, you can prioritize the most relevant information for students so they’re able to quickly find what they need in order to progress with their learning.

Powerful Tracking & Analytics

olms edu ui
olms edu ui

Keep up to date with learning progress at a glance.

Open LMS EDU provides the visual tools, analytics, and reports you need in order to track learning progress in your various departments and courses. Track learner progress in real time to identify at-risk students, identify areas of improvement within your courses, or create reports to share updates with key stakeholders as needed.

Advanced LMS Reporting Tool

olms edu ui
olms edu ui

Go beyond basic reporting to create actionable and automated reports.

Track all the information you need in real time, add custom filters, and segment your audience based on actions. The reporting capabilities in Open LMS EDU provide you with instant data through an intuitive dashboard, while allowing you to customize reports to see the granular details that will help you make data-driven decisions around your courses.

Personalized Learning Design

olms edu ui
olms edu ui
olms edu ui

Personalize students’ learning based on their interactions with the course.

Create different learning paths for different learners. One of the toughest challenges facing teachers today is being able to quickly identify struggling students and put a remediation plan in place. Our Personalized Learning Designer (PLD), or automated teaching assistant, is designed to help you find struggling students faster and implement an automated remediation plan.

Grading Made Easier

olms edu ui
olms edu ui

The Open LMS EDU Gradebook allows you to easily update gradable items and keep track of students’ progress in easy-to-read tables.

Grading can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Make grading easier with Open LMS EDU. Grade individual assignments. Or perform quick, recurring actions for students or items, like sending a message to students or bulk-grading everyone for a single item.

Why Partner With Open LMS for SaaS LMS Hosting & Support?

open lms and amazon web services

Secure AWS Cloud Hosting

Open LMS’s cloud hosting services offer unrivalled performance and exceptional value.

In addition to secure hosting, fast response rates, and always-on learning, you’ll have fully-managed hosting support and access to expert application support running 24/7/365. Our team will monitor and audit data back-ups for your site to ensure security, 99.9% uptime, and scalability in a worry-free hosting solution.

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