Back to School: Leveraging Your LMS to Create a Successful eLearning Program

Colleges and universities are now forced to become eLearning institutions - fast. While many had some form o learning management (LMS) already in place, moving entirely of program offerings to a functioning online ecosystem has proven to be a heavy lift. Discover strategies we've seen that aid the shift to online instruction in higher education.

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The world as we know it is changing, and the approaches universities and institutions use to support learners have had to change drastically in order to keep pace, and will likely continue to do so as new societal norms and health and safety precautions become integrated into standard business operation protocols and practices. The search for a secure, engaging, and glitch-free seamless integration, cries out for a better approach.

In this eBook, learn about what aided the shift to online instruction in higher education. We'll detail best practices for creating a virtual learning experience. And, you will receive proven resources and tools designed specifically for your infrastructure.

In this eBook, you will learn...

  • How to create engaging and sustainable remote learning programs that can support learner needs and workplace practices as they continue to evolve.
  • The growing trends in remote learning, strategies and tools that can help institutions revolutionize their educational initiatives.
  • How to ensure your institution is prepared to effectively support the success of your teams for years to come.