How Euroidiomas Enhances Its Learning Programs With Help From Open LMS

The ability to communicate in different languages is more than just a skill—it’s practically an obligation due to the demands of modern employment and relationships. As students seek these kinds of skills to become more competitive professionally, countless educational institutions have positioned their curriculums to meet demand.

One such institution is Peruvian language center Euroidiomas. For over 35 years, Euroidiomas has specialized in the teaching of efficient English and other languages. They teach kids, young people, and adults, with a focus on the educational and business worlds.

Euroidiomas’ full curriculum offers English, Portuguese, German, and French programs, along with preparation courses for English and Portuguese tests and certifications, all according to international standards. Its eLearning offering, supported by Open LMS, focuses on customized services dedicated to English and Portuguese teaching.

With a view to understanding how this institution has offered an efficient learning model for foreign language learners, we talked to Ricardo Valle Ruiz, Chief Academic Officer at Euroidiomas. This was possible thanks to the support of Open LMS and CognosOnline (an Open LMS partner in Peru and other countries in Latin America).

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First Steps: Adapting to Virtual Environments

Ricardo has been a part of Euroidiomas since 2015, when he was hired to implement a better teaching methodology for the institution’s virtual English program. Motivated by an interest in eLearning and cloud technologies, he build upon and advocated for use of an online platform, despite some issues with interconnectivity.

With time, Euroidiomas enhanced its learning offering, launching an online Portuguese program. Euroidiomas' eLearning area was born at the same time, and it focused its efforts on virtual courses and self-learning.

In 2020 Euroidiomas chose to transfer all face-to-face programs to 100 % virtual environments, thus becoming the first language center in Peru to make an effective digital transition. This move allowed them to provide students continuous access to classes during COVID-19-related disruption.

Why Did Euroidiomas Choose Open LMS?

Euroidiomas is an institution that prides itself on staying ahead of cutting-edge trends in digital learning process starting with their English-language virtual resources, they needed a reliable learning management system that could integrate the different English and Portuguese eLearning programs.

Euroidiomas’ forward-thinking philosophy meant that they had already implemented a learning management system ahead of the COVID-19 crisis. This was achieved with the assistance of Open LMS and CognosOnline, who strengthened online academic processes and identified the best solutions for the institution. “CognosOnline listened to our needs and presented a great, innovative services offer,” said Ricardo.

In addition to the Open LMS-based learning management system, Euroidiomas has an integration with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for video conferences, and also a single sign on integration with the content platform used in the English eLearning course.

3 Key Reasons Why Euroidiomas Chose Open LMS:

  • It’s capable of managing all aspects of the learning process, including serving specific interactive materials to a range of learning devices, as well as the video conferencing functionality necessary for synchronous meetings between teachers and students.
  • The platform is adaptable to the institution's costs.
  • It has fulfilled the needs, planning, and expectations of Euroidiomas at all levels.

The institution offers courses monitored by an academic team. Ricardo explains: “The platform enables us to offer tailor-made learning experiences to our students.”

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An Optimized Virtual Learning Model

“Open LMS allows us to have a centralized, unique space in which students can find every step of the learning process. This creates auser-friendly experience for the student, creating the favourable perception of a well-integrated course and enabling a better-unified path” says Ricardo.

Additionally, the Open LMS platform has adapted to meet requirements discoveredthrough student feedback.This is made possible via an array of plugins and extensions that can be quickly and easily added to the platform. For example, Euroidiomas were able to add a schedule reservation tool and attendance register, among other services.

“We must also highlight that the technical support we’ve recieved from Open LMS has been great. It solves all of our concerns” states Ricardo.

How Euroidiomas Uses the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD)

A greater degree of responsibility is placed on students in both self-learning and eLearning modes. However, these are skills that have not necessarily been reinforced by mainstream education, which is largely reliant on an educator keeping track of the process, reminding students when homework or assignments are due. Through Open LMS, Euroidiomas has discovered a self-programmed replacement for this mechanism.

Euroidiomas uses the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD), an Open LMS-exclusive tool that enables instructors to automate course elements and customize their students' learning.

The PLD gives Euroidiomas the following competitive advantages:

  • Constant tracking of every student’s academic progress via live reports
  • A self-programmed action system that keeps the student informed about events such as disconnections or incomplete actions
  • Customized learning design

Open LMS allows us to have a centralized, unique space in which students can find every step of the learning process. This creates auser-friendly experience for the student, creating the favourable perception of a well-integrated course and enabling a better-unified path.

- Ricardo Valle Ruiz, Chief Academic Officer at Euroidiomas

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Better Indicators, Better Procedures

Euroidiomas currently has around 7,000 students in its classrooms, with 2,500 using the eLearning services supported by Open LMS.

Euroidiomas uses a series of real-time indicators to measure learning effectiveness. These allow it to, for example, see how long their students take to complete the courses and how involved they are with the platform.Additionally, they have access to approval scores for all courses.

“We can see the number of students that have finished their courses and those who get the certificates. That gives us a good idea of how well they achieve the learning results in each course" says Ricardo, “We can measure how many students acquire a license to continue the learning process, and we know that those who follow this process, have had a good experience with Euroidiomas”.

“The technical support we’ve recieved from Open LMS has been great. It solves all of our concerns.”

- Ricardo Valle Ruiz, Chief Academic Officer at Euroidiomas

“We have indeed seen the constant improvement of our platform thanks to the software updates and the training to optimize platform use. Open LMS and CognosOnline are also committed to supporting their customers. They have open minds and a real understanding of how each institution works, explains Ricardo.

Going forward, Euroidiomas aims to continue to help students who transfer from face-to-face to virtual adapt to the learning management system, and roll-out to all of their students the tools provided by Open LMS.

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