eCreators by Open LMS Is Bringing Back the Free Online Learning Toolbox Resources for All LMS Users

In 2020, the eCreators by Open LMS team recognized the challenges most organizations were facing during the pandemic: the need to transition to an online learning platform.

We acknowledge the challenge a lot of organizations new to LMSs have, which is a lack of online courses in the platform. And there’s nothing worse than an empty LMS! We wanted to help people get started on the platform as smoothly as possible.

As one of Australia’s most trusted custom online content creators, we knew that we could help. So we did. In June 2020, we launched our Free Online Learning Toolbox to our community.

These resources are off-the-shelf, ready-to-go eLearning courses for any organization to download as a SCORM package and upload into their LMS. Completely free of charge. No strings attached.

The courses were received with so much appreciation and love that we’ve decided to continue this project until the end of the year

remote course sample

Sample of the Free Online Learning Toolbox Resources

We ended up creating over 25 courses on the most searched topics for ‘how-tos’ on the internet. The end-result helped over 310 organizations around the world to build their very own online learning library.

And we’ve decided to keep it going for 2021—and beyond.

Not only that, but the eCreators by Open LMS team has gone one step further, adding in additional languages after a request from one of our partners—content is now available in Spanish and Portuguese too, with the potential for making the content available in other languages in the future.

“We will continue to create these courses for as long as it provides support for our customers and the eLearning community. As well as if our content design team can keep up with the workload :)” said Shaye PM, Marketing Director at eCreators by Open LMS.

Award-Winning Design Team

These courses are designed by the same team at eCreators by Open LMS who’ve won awards from LearnX in 2020 for Best eLearning Design team. So you can rely on the quality of the courses you will get.

In fact, during 2020, eCreators by Open LMS created over 16,350 screen designs for organizations worldwide—from smaller local Australian businesses to global brands such as Electronic Arts Inc. and Nissan, as well as not-for-profits like Movember. Our learning design team has worked hard to bring the best results for each project.

“There are no limits on how many downloads we are giving out, so please make sure you subscribe to the list. That way, you won’t miss out on anything,” said Shaye PM, Marketing Director at eCreators by Open LMS.

“We are also planning on putting an ‘Easter egg’ finding activity into our courses or download, which could unlock special gifts, discounts, or giveaways from the Open LMS team.”

We look forward to another creative year ahead and continue doing what we love most, making eLearning awesome.” These courses will be released weekly on Fridays for all Open LMS, eThink and eCreators clients and their wider community. Other LMS platform users are also welcomed if they are looking to improve and& grow their online learning library.

You can sign up now to be on the list to receive unlimited free resources.

Look out for the eCreators by Open LMS team will be sending out the invitation to your inbox to claim these courses weekly, starting from Friday 16th April 2021.

Shaye Pum-Arporn
About the author

Shaye Pum-Arporn

Marketing Director at Open LMS

Marketing Director at Open LMS

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