Open LMS Open Roadmap: What To Expect

Hi all,

By now you’ve probably heard the exciting news, but if you haven’t, read on! It is with great pleasure we announce that Open LMS have decided to open source all of our software. This means all of our software - Open LMS Work and Open LMS Edu.

You may be scratching your head…..

What does this even mean?

Let me explain.

It means if you’re a K-12 school, in Higher Education, in a Small to Medium Enterprise or a large Corporation, you’ll be able to access everything you need and run a fully functional version of the software. Moving forward, you’ll be able to play a part in everything we’re going to create. Millions of lines of curated code are going to be made available to you to freely access, modify and distribute. Whatsmore, you’ll have ongoing access to new, exciting roadmap features we’ll be releasing this year and beyond.

It will be the biggest release of open source code for education in recent times - and that’s something to get excited about.

At Open LMS, we believe in free, high-quality, flexible software where you can have complete ownership, be you a school or a workplace or any other type of institution. You can download our software and use it as you wish. Install it on your own infrastructure and have direct access to make changes.

As a community, we invite you to contribute to our software. To work with us to make it better. To better serve the millions of people who utilise our technology day to day and to reach others who have never had access to it. We aim to create change across the world for people to help people learn.

What about the professional services you provide?

Our professional services will be largely unchanged. You will still be able to utilise our technology stack, architecture and support and maintenance services across the globe directly, or through one of our many regional partners.

Professional Services will provide you with:

  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Upgrades
  • Security and Bug fixes
  • Training Services
  • App customization
  • Large Scale Enterprise Deployments
  • eLearning Content Development

So, I can just take my software whenever I want to leave?

Sure can. With the exception of integrations and server infrastructure, you can download the software at any time and move it to a new vendor, or onto your own infrastructure.

So you have a product for Education, what about for the workplace? Where can I get a demo?

That’s right, and both products are open, including the Open LMS Mobile App, without any restrictions.

You can download all of our software right here, from our community. Our first drop is ready to go, and we’ll be releasing more and more every week. We even include a range of off the shelf eLearning modules to get you started. Yours to keep.

The beauty of our products being freely open and available is that you can choose which pieces of software you want to plugin to Moodle™ core. This might consist of a variety of plugins for both education and the workplace.

Interested in learning more? You can connect with our team for a product demo or trial here.

How will you engage with the Community?

Open LMS Community - We encourage you to become a member. We’re doing a lot, so this is a great place to keep up and meet other members of our community. You can also find links, articles and documentation for our contributions.

E-Learn Magazine - our popular publication on all things eLearning - full of case studies, tips, video and useful resources.

One more thing….

Being a part of the Learning Technologies Group (LTG) also means we hang out with a pretty cool group of friends...These friends offer paid services, but these services work with our software really well.

Instilled One of them is a really cool video tool, Instilled. Take a look at the video below to see what it can do.

Gomo Or, if content development is your thing, we also have Gomo - a cloud based authoring tool that allows you to create, discover, track and deliver video and eLearning content.

Watershed Watershed Learning Analytics Platform allows you to collect and standardize data across your learning ecosystem to automate reporting, reduce scrap learning, and aid in the continuous improvement of learning and development.

Rustici A support suite for SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC in your LXP or LMS.

LEO Learning A globally successful digital learning agency for bespoke eLearning content development with expertise in an array of tools.

eCreators A content development house specialising in the delivery of rapid eLearning content development with customers across the globe.


A BAFTA-winning games studio working in XR, connected play and geospatial technologies.

Normally I’d say I can't wait to get started, but we’re well underway! In fact, today we just released 5 pieces of code:

  • Course Completion Restore
  • Import Completion
  • Learnbook Theme
  • Snap Feeds
  • Resque File Converter

You can find these plugins in the Open LMS Github here.

Stay apprised of the new code drops by following the “Open LMS Open Roadmap & Suggestion Forum” in the Open LMS Community here.

We look forward to collaborating and sharing with you.

Love the Way you Learn.

Dean Saunders

VP of Product Development, Open LMS

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Dean Saunders
About the author

Dean Saunders

VP of Product Development at Open LMS

A founder of eCreators and Vice President of Product Development at Open LMS, Dean is regarded as one of the leaders in EdTech space. With over 20 years experience in an eLearning industry, he wants to create a difference through the belief that learning should be creative, innovative and most importantly, enjoyable.

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