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Take a Skills-Based Approach to Employee Training With Open LMS WORK

Research from Deloitte shows organizations using a skills-based professional development approach are 98% more likely to retain top talent. Open LMS WORK makes it easy to deliver targeted skills training and build an agile, future-ready workforce committed to your organization’s mission and goals. When you leverage our Moodle™-based LMS for your business’s development needs, your employees have immediate access to everything they need to build, enhance, and track their skills. They benefit from the flexibility to learn from anywhere, on their schedule, and at their own pace. Your organization benefits from being able to efficiently train staff at scale.

Your LMS should be there to support you, regardless of your training and development needs. Whether you need a multi-tenant solution or just segmented reporting, Open LMS WORK has a wide range of options to help you achieve your learning goals. Our experienced, global team ensures your organization can deliver a great online training and learning experience for every user with our open-source eLearning solution.

Take control of every aspect of your training programs with:

  • A scalable and flexible platform that grows with your business
  • Extensive LMS customization options to tailor our platform to your brand requirements
  • Data security and LMS compliance safeguards to protect your organization’s most sensitive information
  • Actionable insights into learner performance, training effectiveness, and compliance metrics through robust reporting and LMS analytics
  • Regular software updates and enhancements to keep your business at the forefront of learning technology advancements
  • Transparent and flexible LMS pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of all types of businesses
  • Dedicated LMS training and guidance from our experts throughout the implementation process
  • Ongoing LMS hosting and support that continues long after your training program goes live
  • Seamless LMS integration capabilities to help you consolidate your learning management processes in one unified platform
  • Collaborative learning features to encourage knowledge-sharing among your employees
  • Add-on services, including LMS content creation by our expert learning design partners that help you better engage your employees
  • Our mobile LMS app gives mobile access to your training program, so your employees can learn wherever they are.
  • An open-source LMS that prioritizes security through robust measures, ensuring a safe online learning experience

Electronic Arts (EA)

Electronic Arts (EA)

To say we are excited is an understatement. Honestly didn’t know we could get that excited about elearning! The sample they’ve created was very impressive.

Open LMS is one of the world’s largest Moodle™-based LMS platform providers

Accelerate Employee Skills Development With the Best LMS for Business Training, Backed By Award-Winning Support

Our customizable LMS for business makes it easy to implement skills-based learning strategies and accelerate your workforce development. No matter your industry, Open LMS WORK can be configured to align with your unique business demands, learning objectives, and organizational goals.

Open LMS is an award-winning learning management provider with a 98% client satisfaction rating

When you partner with Open LMS, your organization benefits from:

  • Swift responses to support requests, with an average reply time of just 50 minutes
  • Our ultra-secure and reliable learning platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Unrivaled performance, top-tier scalability, and outstanding value
  • Our commitment to improving ease of access for every learner, which includes third-party audits to our platform for accessibility compliance
  • Access to the Open LMS Academy, which offers a wide range of professional development, functional training, and teaching courses to enhance your skills and expertise

Since 2005, we’ve leveraged open-source technology to deliver online training and learning for people all over the world. Open LMS provides onboarding, continuous learning, and unparalleled technical support. It helps you develop motivated teams full of skilled professionals who take your organization to the next level.

Organizations committed to exemplary training experiences use Open LMS

A Customizable and Scalable LMS Platform That Grows With Your Business

From startups to enterprise businesses, our training platform can be configured to meet all of your corporate eLearning needs. Open LMS WORK gives you the power to create an enterprise LMS that reflects the look and feel of your organization. Partnering with Open LMS ensures you’re getting the best in:

  • High-level configuration: Customize the training platform with your preferred logos, color theme, slider images, welcome information, and much more.
  • Flexible and responsive design: Simplify your workflows and free your users from distractions so their focus is on their learning objectives—not the learning tool.
  • Scalable eLearning solutions: Designed to grow your business, Open LMS partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting services to ensure a reliable, stable, and scalable LMS experience.

Empower Employees to Learn at Their Convenience With a Custom Mobile App

Looking for the perfect flexible LMS for nonprofits, manufacturing companies, or other business sectors that are constantly on the go? Our mobile learning solution makes training and development more accessible for your staff. With a mobile LMS, your employees can use a phone, tablet, or another mobile-ready device to access essential training materials away from the office.

Available for both Android and iOS users, your Open LMS WORK companion mobile app can be customized to fit your organization’s brand, giving your employees a seamless learning experience wherever they may be.

Your branded Open LMS WORK app gives you access to:

  • Course content, activities, calendars, and grade books
  • Interactive content, including videos and synchronous virtual meetings
  • Internal messaging between learners and trainers
  • File management
  • Mobile push notifications

Onboard New Employees and Prepare Your Workforce With a Skills-Focused Learning Management System

Hiring seasonal support is a common practice for many companies that experience predictable, heightened demand. Our business-focused LMS helps hospitality and retail organizations streamline their onboarding strategies and ensure new employees are prepared with the skills they need to thrive at work.

Open LMS Work is a flexible online learning platform that makes it easy for retailers and hospitality providers to deliver essential service excellence training and compliance courses.

Address Your Compliance and Staff Development Needs

We all know staying compliant is non-negotiable, especially in critical sectors like healthcare and government. Our LMS helps healthcare organizations ensure their staff remain HIPAA compliant and up-to-date on other essential knowledge. Partnering with Open LMS for government training and upskilling ensures your local, state, and federal employees are equipped to handle whatever comes their way. No matter what industry you’re in, your training and compliance programs should empower your users with effective and engaging learning experiences.

With Open LMS WORK, your LMS administrators can easily plan learner journeys and monitor compliance progress. Build the training content that best meets your workforce’s needs using our native assessment tools, leverage our built-in H5P interactive content creation, or upload your own SCORM-compatible content libraries.

Enhance Workplace Learning With Robust Business LMS Solutions

Research shows that career development is one of the top reasons employees stay with a company, so take advantage of our specialized LMS for business training enhance employee learning and optimize your workforce’s skills.

Open LMS WORK allows you to:

  • Manage in-person or synchronous live events using built-in registration and scheduling tools.
  • Track and report training progress across departments and teams in real-time and share updates with key stakeholders via robust reporting tools.
  • Build learning experiences that guide a user from one course to the next.
  • Let learners choose their own learning paths or automate training allocation with user attributes.
  • Serve content via a free mobile app and grant users offline access to courses, event registrations, and more.
  • Give your employees access to a catalog of professional development courses that make it easy for them to find learning materials based on their interests (and your company’s needs).

Our course catalog lets your users take control of their professional growth while ensuring your organization has the skills it needs to be successful in the market. Your users can access a catalog of courses and search for learning opportunities that help them grow in their careers, while your administrators can choose which catalog filters are available to your learners. Filter options include:

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Custom course fields

This means your organization can target certain skills while giving employees autonomy over their professional development.

Manage and Support Learning Experiences for Multiple Organizations or Business Divisions

Update, manage, and provide training content across organizations with a fully integrated multi-tenancy solution within your LMS. Open LMS WORK makes it easy to manage multiple training sites at once with secure, streamlined deployment, letting you deliver courses faster without sacrificing quality. Whether you need multi-tenancy hosting or segmented reporting, Open LMS WORK has you covered.

Control your data with powerful reports that limit information to shared cohorts, shared courses, or shared profile field values. Rely on our built-in ecommerce options or opt into advanced alternatives via our extensive partner network.

With Open LMS WORK, you can:

Leverage our multi-tenant feature to delegate user management to company divisions or your clients in a single instance.

  • Present tenant members with unique and tailored brand experiences.
  • Create different course catalogs for all of your tenants.
  • Design unique dashboards for each tenant, or create multiple dashboards to support both learning and reporting.

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Invest Where It Matters Most

Open LMS is a secure and scalable business training platform that top brands trust as their corporate learning management system. Whether you’re training internal staff, corporate partners, or customers, Open LMS has a cost-effective option for you. We’re built on open-source Moodle™, so you pay no software licensing fees. That means 100% of your investment goes toward our award-winning service, support, and training. You can rest easy knowing your investment is supporting eLearning tools and resources that directly impact your training and development outcomes—not inflated software fees!

Master Builders Association of Victoria

Master Builders Association of Victoria

I was showing my staff members some complications on the reports, just to find that it already worked! I had no idea the tech team would have fixed it so quickly.

Brilliant service!

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