A Moodle™-based LMS platform for All Your Training Needs

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business, a large corporation, not-for-profit or government organizations, our learning management system is individually crafted for all types of organizations and learners. Our LMS software focuses on aligning learning needs with business demands & outcome. We are here to support your journey, regardless of how complex your projects are.


Customizable LMS branding

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Create a learning platform that is truly yours.

Your LMS should represent your business. Our aim is to make your platform as flexible as possible. Open LMS Work gives you the power to create a platform that reflects the look and feel of your organisation. You can add logos, colour theme, slider images, welcome information and much more.

Powerful tracking & analytics

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Track training across your organization: Keep up to date with learning progress at a glance.

Open LMS WORK provides the visual tools, analytics, and reports you need in order to follow training progress across the various departments and teams within your organization. Using built-in functionality like Organizational Units, My Team, and Learner Dashboard alongside powerful reporting capabilities, managers are able to track learner progress in real-time and share updates with key stakeholders as needed.

Advanced Site-Wide Workflow Automation

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Go beyond basic course automation and create a full Workflow journey for your learners that puts your administrator tasks at ease.

Providing your workplace with efficient training has never been more crucial, especially during the remote working era. Accommodating a seamless experience doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming anymore with the Workflow Automation system. Open LMS Work Workflow will help you streamline your training process from enrolling, user reminder to course completion activities within minutes.

Manage Multiple Organization Platforms Made Easy with Multi-Tenancy Architect

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Built-in Multi-Tenancy allows you to easily update, manage and provide more cohesive training content across your organizations.

With a fully integrated Multi-Tenancy solution that sits right within your Learning Management System, Open LMS Work makes it easy for your administrators to manage multiple sites at once. Secure, streamlined, and quick deployment means you can deliver your courses faster. At the same time, learners get immediate access to training content that allows them to keep building their skills and stay compliant with their job.

End-to-End Online Learning Services

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Industry-leading LMS support and consultation keeps you aware of the latest eLearning trends, best practices, and the best ways to maximize your training programs.

Whether you are moving your business from physical format to online, adapting blended learning, or looking to go completely remote we can help you rise to every challenge.

You will be supported by our award-winning customer education & onboarding team who will enable & encourage you to use your LMS to its fullest potential.

LMS integrations & extensions

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Extend your learning ecosystem while creating a central hub of learning.

Open LMS WORK comes packed with the features you need to find organizational learning success. Additionally, with endless plugins, over 30 partners, and easy integrations, your LMS will have access to video conferencing, course authoring tools, webinar hosting, gamification, accessibility tools, and more!

PwC Malaysia

PwC Malaysia

Our onboarding started with the education team engaging us to understand our needs and they took the effort to customise the training so that it fits into the way we learn and integrating it with our design thought process. Open LMS provided a great instructor demonstrating a high level of knowledge of the LMS (Open LMS WORK) and absolutely resources about things that they don't have an immediate answer to. We're new to the support system (Zendesk), the Open LMS education team has been submitting tickets on our behalf for as long as we can remember. The person who looked after us is also a very patient instructor who does not complain even though on numerous occasions, had to go through the same thing again and again.

Overall, it has been a great experience working with Open LMS team on this onboarding journey.

WONG Chun Wai, Digital Learning Lead

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